Microsoft Marketplace

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center
  2. ‘Public Offers’ – Select ‘Customers’ in homepage
  3. ‘Private’ Offers – Go to “Pricing” workspace to view products and margins on Dubber ‘Private’ offers, Select ‘Customers’ in homepage
  4. Select the customer you want to purchase the product for from the customer list.
  5. Search the product list for eligible Dubber SaaS offers.
  6. Select the Dubber products/subscriptions you want to purchase for your customer.
  7. For each product/subscription you want to add, enter the number of licenses (if necessary) and select Add to cart
  8. When you're finished adding subscriptions, select Review to review your order.
  9. When you're ready to purchase, select Buy.
  10. Generates order at Dubber - auto provisioning of service for your customer
  11. Dubber available for support for onboarding and service usage training
At the end of the billing period, you’ll receive your invoice and recon file with details of the transactions for your customer/s for Dubber products. Microsoft pays you commission directly for this order.

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