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Unified Call Recording and the Voice Intelligence Cloud unlock the revenue and retention potential of every call and conversation in businesses and teams of any size!

A Competitive Edge

A Competitive Edge

Legacy call recording solutions and Web applications do not provide secure, cloud-based recording with insights, alerting or Enterprise-grade management. Disk-based approaches put customers at risk.

Increase Retention

Increase Retention

Generate new sources of value to customers, increasing retention and blocking competitive inroads.

Increase Recurring Revenue

Increase Recurring Revenue

Typical ARR will exceed $250,000 per customer over three years and grows significantly in regulatory intense industries.

Cross Sell

Increase Cross Sell

Land call-recording with one team and then cross-sell the benefits to other areas of the Enterprise, multiplying value to customers and your ARPU



Move from Call Recording as a transaction to a trusted advisor bringing data, AI and automation to the table demonstrating its productivity, efficiency and insights advantage.

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More Benefits

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Winners do this

Twelve lessons from the best Dubber Channel Partners. Here’s what they focus on and speak to most when winning in the mobile compliant Unified Call Recording market:


Clearly position the advantage of Unified Call Recording

Record calls from any eligible Telstra phone with Enterprise-grade controls


Basic or advanced

Whether your customers just want to listen to calls from their mobile or access advanced sentiment and tonal analysis for customer satisfaction, you’ve got the answer in Dubber


Focus on the power of Voice Data

For the first time, every conversation is converted to data and available through APIs and export


Satisfy their critical use cases

Dubber answers critical mandates for data and regulatory compliance


Eliminate CAPEX & OPEX

Dubber’s cloud solution enables customers to eliminate the scale, cost and complexity constraints of legacy call recording


Plug & Play

With open APIs and data exporting, Dubber plays well with Big Data and other Enterprise systems like Salesforce, Tableau and more.


Land & Expand

Dubber is up and running quickly and will scale from a small team to an entire enterprise. With no limits on storage



Unlike legacy call recording Dubber enables access to recordings in seconds.


Simple & Easy

Beautiful transcriptions, real-time alerting and automated workflows give you an edge.


Do more with AI

Most legacy call recording uses AI to transcribe and stops there. Dubber uses AI to also deliver insights, alerts and more.



Record anywhere, store regionally, satisfy data and compliance mandates for voice data



Unified Call Recording has never been more accessible at $14.95 per month and Dubber AI at – $29.95 per month. (Competitors are priced 2-10x)