How Dubber AI can improve customer service

Author: Sian Hunter
Published on February 10, 2020

How well do you listen to your customers? Turns out, they could be telling you more than you think. Dubber AI has the potential to tell you exactly what your customers think about your brand and products, and even guide you to deliver what they want. 

Every conversation with a customer is packed with vital information: a mention of a competitor’s name can be a prompt for the retention team, angry words can indicate product or customer service issues and might lose you repeat business, but a phone call full of kind words and thanks can show you that a member of your contact centre team deserves a reward.

Stand out from the competition

Customer service is the top differentiator between brands and the more you know about your customer, the more you can understand how to improve their experience. With Dubber AI, customer calls are transcribed using speech to text engines. These transcriptions can be stored against the customer within a CRM, when integrated with our API. This valuable data opens up huge potential to learn more about your customers. Customer service teams would have access to information from previous calls at their fingertips, allowing them to help with enquiries more quickly and easily.

Personalisation is becoming part of customer expectations as services such as Netflix offer tailored recommendations to users and Spotify creates playlists based on user listening behaviour. In the past it might have been difficult for other businesses to offer such a personalised approach due to limited data but, with the introduction of voice AI, that’s no longer the case. With call transcripts integrated into CRM systems, this allows businesses to create detailed customer profiles, enabling them to provide hyper-personalised customer interactions. This means a customer can call a large customer service centre and be directed to the agent that they have spoken to previously. 

Proactive customer service

AI helps in the day-to-day running of a customer service team. Information from sentiment analysis can help managers understand trends about complaints, and train their staff to deal with common issues more efficiently. The possibilities for the future of AI are limitless: from automatic call routing to the best agent based on historical call transcripts, to proactive calming measures for customers who have consistent negative sentiment in their previous interactions.


Dubber AI doesn’t require in-house data scientists or machine learning experts. With our platform directly connected to carriers, introducing AI to a business has never been easier.

To find out more about how Dubber AI can improve customer service, talk to a member of our team today.

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