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Call recording captures telephone conversations. This can be achieved via PSTNs (public switched telephone networks) or VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and mobile networks in some markets. Recorded calls can be stored, replayed, and shared securely at a later date.

What's inside?

The applications of call recording now extend far beyond regulatory compliance. By recording customer conversations, businesses can use the data held within these calls to inform product development and improve business processes.

Other resources

Finance eBook

This eBook outlines the various challenges faced by finance companies and the ways in which call recording and voice AI solutions can help.

Call Recording Whitepaper

Dubber was designed from the ground-up to be operated within the cloud. Directly connecting to the telephone network (rather than an on-premise PABX) ensures calls are recorded at the highest possible quality.

Webex® Calling and Dubber Call Recording eBook

Webex® Calling and Dubber Call Recording brings together a solution that captures conversations that can help identify opportunities for business development.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Whitepaper

Learn about how Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) unifies fixed line and mobile communication across locations and devices.

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