Google Cloud Speech-to-Text is now available on Dubber

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

7 January 2020

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text is now available on Dubber

Can you tell the difference between an Australian saying ‘a boat’, an American saying ‘a bat’, someone from the UK saying ‘a boot’ and a Canadian saying ‘about’? Google can.

Here at Dubber, we have a team dedicated to expanding our AI capabilities. We know that in today’s global economy, where businesses operate from locations around the world, English speakers don’t all speak like the Queen of England (no matter how many episodes of The Crown we watch). We want to ensure that our voice AI can support businesses in their global operations, with transcription that covers not just variants of English but other languages spoken by millions around the world.

That’s why we added Google’s Speech-to-Text machine learning product to our suite of transcription engines, so that we can deliver the best transcription capabilities across the broadest set of languages and accents.

Transcription with unparalleled accuracy

Adding Google’s transcription means we can now support a wider range of languages, including Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, and six regional variants of English. This will allow us to serve more of the world with our cloud call recording and voice AI. Google Speech-to-Text applies powerful neural network models to transcribe audio from a variety of sources with high levels of accuracy. These deep-learning algorithms are under constant improvement, with ever-increasing accuracy.

Google Speech-to-Text is now available on Dubber as a premium AI engine. Want to learn more about how you can access the benefits of transcription powered by Google? Talk to our team today.


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