Differentiate as a service provider to increase revenue

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

28 October 2021

Differentiate as a service provider to increase revenue

The landscape for technology services is evolving, more rapidly than ever before. External environmental factors, including the COVID crisis, have accelerated the evolution of enterprise technology requirements and, in turn, transformed demand for innovative and differentiated solutions from service providers.

Communications service providers face a highly competitive market, with new digitally disruptive and emergent companies, thin-margined pricing strategies, and exponentially exploding user demand and expectations.


The need to differentiate - new roles for service providers in the enterprise connectivity market

Now, more than ever, service providers need to stand out and offer unique differentiated solutions to remain relevant. And that needs to be through a best-in-class multi-vendor, multi-solution suite of services - that provide communication and collaboration services. The UCaaS landscape is the ideal playground for the savvy enterprise-focused service provider.

It’s time we go beyond traditional operating models; to shift roles from simple Connectivity Providers to Service Enablers and Service Creators. Out to 2030, there is up to USD 700 billion in B2B value at play in these new role markets, and that’s just across 5G opportunities alone.

This new way of doing business allows service providers to think like cloud providers and productise critical, emergent communications services on their networks. And, like cloud providers, these services need to be enabled to customers with a click, and provide a self-service interface.


Could customer experience be a critical product offering win?

Qualtrics ROI of Customer Experience 2020 report showed that 94% of customers would purchase more from a company with very good customer experience (CX), as well as recommend them to others, resulting in increased revenue and reputation building. As a service provider, being able to offer enterprise customers a CX product that’s ready to go, no matter their communications infrastructure is a clear, easy win.

A principal strategy: adding embedded Conversational Intelligence as a Service to the list of products available for businesses, yes, switched on with a click. It’s customer experience, reimagined with the power of data - by Dubber.

Learn more about how new productization is key to service providers winning in a crowded market where margins are slim. Download the Cavell Group whitepaper, commissioned by Dubber, “Service provider differentiation through customer experience.”

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