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Leading service providers differentiate and grow with Dubber

Dubber enables Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI at the heart of the world’s leading networks and UC solutions. By disrupting the economics of legacy call recording, we enable Service and Solution providers to create differentiation and compelling new revenue streams through immediately accessible and infinitely scalable conversational recording and intelligence.


From connections to content


By 2025 Gartner estimates 75% of all calls will be recorded, affording service and solution providers like you a massive new revenue opportunity. That’s why over 150 major service providers have already standardized on Dubber.

We created Dubber to specifically enable the world’s leading service and solution providers to create differentiating services and compelling new revenue streams.

The demand for recording and conversational intelligence has extended to every end-point - mobile, phone, video, and chat. Leading Service and Solution Providers are modernizing their approach, unifying recordings and enriching content to unlock a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.

Dubber Foundation Partners benefit from extending call recording to every end-point, unlocking the possibility of AI on every phone.

Dubber answers critical needs:

  • How do we shift from just selling connections to deriving value from the content on the network?

  • How can we quickly and cost-effectively embed call recording as a native service?

  • How can we increase revenue and retention through “sticky services”?

  • How can we extend call recording quickly to UC platforms and Contact Centre as a Service environments?

  • How do we aggregate all conversational data, creating a single-window into data for our customers?

  • Can we do all this while reducing OPEX and CAPEX?

  • Will our partner help us sell, market and support customers?


Service provider differentiation through customer experience

The landscape for technology services is evolving, more rapidly than ever before.

External environmental factors, including the COVID crisis, have accelerated the evolution of enterprise technology requirements and in turn, transformed demand for innovative and differentiated solutions from service providers.

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How Service & Solutions Providers Deploy Dubber


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Call Recording as a Service

Dubber is embedded in the network or application - and delivered from the cloud, branded by the service provider to provide basic call recording.

Unified Call Recording as a Service

Unified Call Recording as a Service

Dubber branded solutions are embedded in the application or network and integrated with the service providers' billing engines for seamless connection to sales, eCommerce and channels. Ability to access multiple products simply and easily, driving cross-sell and upsell.

Youll do more with dubber | Improve patient care
Foundation Partner

Deep integration with Dubber Go available on all end-points. Supported selling, marketing and customer success. The pathway to driving significant revenue, differentiation and retention.

Integrates with your critical infrastructure

Dubber is integrated into the critical infrastructure used by the world's leading communications and service providers. Discover what makes Dubber the #1 choice globally.


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The foundation of service provider success

Dubber Foundation is exclusively available to leading Service & Solution Providers - deploy unified conversational recording and AI for any content and any endpoint at a fraction of the cost and with significant revenue and retention potential.

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Pre-provisioned on every end point

Exclusive access to Dubber Go, enabling affordable, scaleable call recording from every end-point.

Dubber supported cross and upsell

Easy and simple upgrade path, supported by Dubber, to fully-featured Dubber solutions.

Unlock new revenue

Unlock new revenue streams, increase retention, create new differentiated services.

Dubber & Grow

Put Dubber on every end-point and create value from the content flowing on your network.


Eliminate the costs of legacy call recording


Meet the demand for unified conversational recording

Deploy the world's leading conversational recording solution, meeting customer demand


Answer critical customer needs

For compliant and secure conversational capture to satisfy compliance mandates


Create new services

Based on data enriched with AI and NLP in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud. Create insights from every conversation.


Connect & Partner

Put conversational data at the heart of new partner strategies. Create connections and new services fuelling growth.

Dubber & Grow

Do more with Dubber

Dubber makes it simple and easy to turn every conversation into intelligence, scalably and compliantly. True to our cloud roots, we are constantly innovating, delivering new services and integrations.

Cloud & Native

Dubber is native to your network as a cloud service - simplifying deployment with total compliance and security.

Embedded Recording as a Service

Revolutionary Dubber Go - exclusive to Foundation Partners - enables private and confidential call recording to be affordably embedded as an always-on feature of every service.

Individual & Confidential Call Recording

Designed for individuals, replaying any conversation, video or chat is a click away. Learn more about type: entry-hyperlink id: 6ZDjLCJEEhn3ytrBURuzIA.

For Business & Government

Dubber Teams and Dubber Premier delivers unified call recording with AI-enriched transcriptions, alerts, elastic search, and more.

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Unified Recording and Voice Data

Recordings, video and data - unified in the Dubber application, Web console and Voice Intelligence Cloud.

Integrated and Integrateable

Dubber API connects voice data to critical applications - like Salesforce; big data sets and dashboards.

Voice Intelligence Cloud

Integrating voice data and recordings on Dubber - or any source - in one compliant instance to fuel compliance, revenue, people and customer intelligence.

Compliance Solutions

A complete portfolio of compliance solutions designed to meet the exacting requirements of compliance teams globally.


Service provider differentiation through customer experience

"Customers worldwide are responding to increased regulatory and compliance obligations for their businesses. Embedding tools, like Dubber call recording, as a standard service that is available to Webex users will help customers meet those requirements while enabling easy access to powerful advanced voice data services."


Lorrissa Horton

Vice President and General Manager of Webex Calling and Online


Read more on Dubber Foundation & Cisco, a Dubber Foundation Partner

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nuwave | foundation | logo

"We are delighted to be partnering with Dubber. Dubber’s unique scalability fits perfectly with our view of what Microsoft Teams voice users, enterprises and service providers are demanding. By integrating Dubber into iPILOT 2.0, we’re able to provide service providers with extremely valuable, margin enhancing services that in return will help their customers extract value from their voice and video calls. Whether a customer requires call recording and complaint storage, access to transcriptions or sentiment analysis, has compliance obligations, needs remote workforce or agent enablement, or wants to utilize voice AI services, Dubber is a perfect fit that will seamlessly integrate via iPILOT 2.0."

nuwave testimonial | customer | left

Shawn Sims

President and CEO of NUWAVE Communications

Read more about Dubber on NUWAVE, a Dubber Foundation Partner

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The step-by-step guide to achieving compliant conversations

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