Dubber named Hot Vendor in global Conversational AI by Aragon Research

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

8 September 2021

Dubber named Hot Vendor in global Conversational AI by Aragon Research
Aragon Research has recognised Dubber as a global conversational AI leader, with a report detailing Dubber’s visionary and innovative approach to using AI to generate conversational intelligence.


Dubber has been recognised as a “Hot Vendor in Conversational AI” in the 2021 report by Aragon Research, Inc. The Conversational-AI market is experiencing significant growth and is expected to record a CAGR of 30.2% (through to 2024) driven by the needs of businesses of all sizes for greater customer, people and revenue intelligence. 

The report identified Dubber’s ability to derive business value from voice data and provide easy to follow transcription and sentiment analysis of crucial conversations by sales reps, customer support personnel, and others, mentioned as standout features.


Conversational intelligence benefits

Dubber’s conversational intelligence enables both internal and external benefits for businesses. 

Conversational intelligence enables revenue programs such as sales, customer success, and customer loyalty. Real-time text and speech-based insights can help sales reps improve information accuracy, productivity, streamline communication between managers and employees, and drive continuous learning throughout the enterprise.

Internally, it’s often used to promote employee engagement and performance through coaching, learning, training, assisting, and more diligent recording and archiving of important enterprise knowledge, such as the knowledge stored in meetings. When the entire meeting is recorded, critical insights and intelligence is unlocked. Meeting recording and transcription paired with insights can drive a more unified, engaged and knowledgeable workforce.


Let Dubber Conversation AI do the work

Dubber Conversational AI comes ready to run with the ability to develop AI training specific to your institution.

  • Industry-leading transcription with auto-language detection

  • AI-enriched sentiment, tone and emotion signals

  • Automate data loss and misuse monitoring Deep-learning and ML-based policies automate the detection of leakage risks in what was said, shown, or shared. Create your own custom, company-specific policies.

  • AI-powered alerts on risks move you beyond random sampling and transcript searches

  • Workflow automation for automating the next best action and processes based on conversational data

Dubber offers service and solution providers, government agencies and businesses the ability to compliantly record conversations in the cloud, without hardware or storage. 

Dubber Unified Conversational Recording and Voice Intelligence Cloud can scale to fit any size business and allows access to previously untapped voice data. Voice, video and chat conversations are transcribed and enriched with AI-powered insights and are available on a phone or browser. 

Dubber processes billions of minutes of recorded voice data and transforms that data into intelligence for 1,000s of businesses. Dubber solutions are native to Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, and networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Telstra and Cox Communications. 

“Dubber’s tremendous network of service and solution providers, as well as our partners, has allowed us to the ability to unlock the potential of conversational data into meaningful intelligence for customers,” said James Slaney, COO, Dubber. “Our inclusion in the ‘Hot Vendors in Conversational AI’ report is reflective of the power of conversational recording for business insights and certainly a rewarding recognition of the incredible year of growth and progress Dubber has had.”

To learn more download the report here

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