Deliver more value on your network

Our innovative solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies that enable you to turn the rich conversational content captured across your network into business intelligence that creates unique value for your customers.

Solutions that practically sell themselves

Our solutions have been developed to solve the most useful use cases our Communication Service Provider customers could dream up.

They’re scalable, differentiated and aligned with all your usual sales channels. And they’re designed to work right out of the box, delivering immediate benefits to your customers as well as faster time to revenue.

Even better, the brains at Dubber are constantly thinking up new ways of improving and innovating for your (and your customers’) ongoing advantage. We can also work directly with you – or any of your customers – on a use case of particular interest.

“Businesses need solutions that solve core challenges, including customer engagement, performance management, dispute resolution and compliance. As such, they seek a new generation of technologies to accomplish these goals.”

Frost & Sullivan

Dubber solutions at a glance

Dubber solutions are smart. They’re easy. And they are already in use by Communication Service Providers, governments and enterprises worldwide. Whatever your customers’ need, we can provide a solution to suit – light touch to full network solutions.

Conversation Intelligence

Capturing the Moments that matter

Conversations take place within a context – they involve people with roles, perspectives and emotions. Using a combination of Dubber proprietary and the world’s best AI technologies, we analyse these key Moments to derive insights that deliver real value across any number of use cases.

Unified Conversation Capture

Helping customers meet regulatory requirements

With today’s businesses using multiple ways to communicate, network owners are uniquely positioned to provide customers with whole-of-business recording and AI solutions. Capturing all this data across different systems is near impossible using legacy recording solutions, which are bespoke, complex and costly.

Call Recording

Finding the detail in the data

Dubber’s Call Capture works with any mobile network, including 5G, plus any voice, video and chat networks and services operated directly by Communication Service Providers. We’re also the Call Capture partner of choice for all the major Unified Communication platforms (think giants like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams). Packages for Call Recording can be aligned to the target market of any network owner in the world.

It all starts with a conversation.

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