Six ways Resellers win by creating value for customers

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

2 October 2020

Six ways Resellers win by creating value for customers

This week Russell Evans, Dubber’s global head of sales and channels looks at the most common challenge faced by resellers today - how to maximise revenue and reduce the prospect of churn in the booming demand for communications services.

Resellers of communications services - from mobile and SIP connections to UC, Teams, and more - have seen a Covid-driven boom in demand for services. The shift to the Cloud has been matched by an equal demand for data enriched AI to automate processes, gain extra functionality, and work more efficiently. Resellers that can demonstrate not simply the efficiency of the connection but also how to extract more value from every connection are winning more and seeing less churn.

So what does the new reseller playbook for resellers look like?

  1. Sell more than the utility and connection: What if the content created in every conversation was a source of insights and alerts? Unified Call Recording - available on the products you are selling today does just that - it converts the conversation to data to create beautiful transcriptions, sentiment analysis, real-time search and more.

  2. Create more value: That data becomes a source of immense value for your customers, ending not knowing what was said across the business. Sales leaders get an immediate read on every customer's conversation. Customer service leaders can understand customer sentiment in real-time. Compliance managers get a secure and protected record of conversations and can instantly be alerted as to when to undertake investigations.

  1. Differentiate your offering and increase your value: While others sell Apps and connections, you are now differentiated, exposing the value of every conversation across the business. You stand-out because you are talking to the business outcomes the solution is meant to drive. Your relationship with your customer is elevated, driven by your ability to create quantifiable business benefits. You will occupy the space of trusted advisor for your clients.

  1. Unlock the power of voice data: Call recording helps businesses meet their compliance mandates, but it does so much more. Customers are crucial for any sustainable business. Voice data helps them gain greater visibility of transactions taking place within their business, and it provides the data for customer service employees to help with dispute resolution, leading to reduced churn and improved customer experiences.

  2. Target the burning needs: Every Enterprise in regulated industries - and most undertaking crucial conversations in which orders are taken, material information exchanged and issues are resolved - have a requirement to both record calls and manage voice data in compliant ways. Unified Call Recording isn’t just a way of selling more to your existing customers, it’s a natural add-on to every new connection.

Fuel big data: Big Data only captures a small proportion of data generated by a company. While companies have seen the value of big data, they are missing out on a huge chunk of data that is left uncaptured from voice calls. Imagine the value of combining both online and voice data to gain a holistic customer picture. Businesses can use these insights to inform new product lines, aid in cross-selling, and gain a better understanding of the reasons behind their customer’s decisions. Exporting this data to visualisation tools such as Google Data Studio, makes it easier than ever to extract these insights. More and more businesses are realising this, and using this voice data intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.

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