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Creating value from every endpoint

Dubber Foundation is the first partner program that enables providers of communications services to deploy unified conversational recording and AI for any content and any endpoint at a fraction of the cost and with significant revenue and retention potential.

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Why Service & Solution Providers need Dubber Foundation



  • Answer the need for unified call recording as a service

  • End the cost, complexity and risk of homegrown solutions and legacy call recording

  • Extend conversational capture and AI across every end-point – land-line, call centre, mobile, video and chat

  • Answer crucial customer, compliance and CX use cases

  • Create differentiation and launch new services

  • Drive compelling new revenue streams – for many in the hundreds of millions of dollars - driven by demand for people, customer, revenue and compliance intelligence

Your advantage


  1. Exclusive access to Dubber Go - enabling personal and confidential call recording from every endpoint at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches

  2. Access to market development funds, embedded inside sales resources, and dedicated customer success

  3. Seamless integration with Partners’ processes and billing engines

  4. Instantly “switch-on” an entire customer base to Dubber Go call recording

  5. Dedicated marketing, sales and customer success

  6. Preferential presence in the Dubber Marketplace and promotions

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Service provider differentiation through customer experience

"Customers worldwide are responding to increased regulatory and compliance obligations for their businesses. Embedding tools, like Dubber call recording, as a standard service that is available to Webex users will help customers meet those requirements while enabling easy access to powerful advanced voice data services."


Lorrissa Horton

Vice President and General Manager of Webex Calling and Online


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"We are delighted to be partnering with Dubber. Dubber’s unique scalability fits perfectly with our view of what Microsoft Teams voice users, enterprises and service providers are demanding. By integrating Dubber into iPILOT 2.0, we’re able to provide service providers with extremely valuable, margin enhancing services that in return will help their customers extract value from their voice and video calls. Whether a customer requires call recording and complaint storage, access to transcriptions or sentiment analysis, has compliance obligations, needs remote workforce or agent enablement, or wants to utilize voice AI services, Dubber is a perfect fit that will seamlessly integrate via iPILOT 2.0."

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Shawn Sims

President and CEO of NUWAVE Communications

Read more about Dubber on NUWAVE, a Dubber Foundation Partner

Why Dubber?


We are the voice of the network and platform for the worlds leading communications service and solution providers.

Dubber is the world's leading Unified Conversational Recording platform (UCR) inside leading Service Provider networks & communications solutions globally.

Provisioned with a click, UCR enables voice data to be generated from every conversation and delivered to Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud where AI creates insights, intelligence, beautiful transcriptions and more.

From your phone or web, you’ll be able to securely:
  • Record - As needed and automagically catch conversations without costly hardware or storage

  • Replay - Compliantly store and control replay of recordings without limits. View beautiful transcriptions. Search conversations in seconds.

  • Reveal - AI-powered analysis reveals critical insights. From sentiment analytics, keyword trends, to notifications and more. All from one platform that connects to your data, applications and dashboards.

Service provider differentiation through customer experience

The landscape for technology services is evolving, more rapidly than ever before.

External environmental factors, including the COVID crisis, have accelerated the evolution of enterprise technology requirements and in turn, transformed demand for innovative and differentiated solutions from service providers.

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Service provider differentiation through customer experience.

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The step-by-step guide to achieving compliant conversations

Learn how Unified Call Recording can help organisations meet compliance mandates with this ultimate checklist guide to compliant conversations.


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