The $600B revenue opportunity on 5G - new frontiers

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

10 May 2022

The $600B revenue opportunity on 5G - new frontiers

5G is here and the opportunities for generating growth on provider networks are immense. As a new study by Juniper Research suggests, “revenue generated from 5G services will reach $600 billion by 2026; representing 77% of global operator-billed revenue.”


The study highlights multi-device subscriptions as a critical focus, and points to an increasing explosion of devices and data communications. 


Another driver of 5G services is the need for organisations to effectively communicate and collaborate under a now pervasive hybrid work model, where “AI & ML was surveyed to be the #1 enabling transformative technology.”


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Where can communications service providers expect to see new opportunities?


The possibilities of 5G mean far lower latency, higher throughput on networks. What this means is that applications running on 5G can be far richer in experience for users than what’s possible on 4G. 


A big component of this will be collaborative work across the globe - across voice, video and chat, with apps that can support AR and intelligence overlays. How, when, where, and why we communicate in our business and personal lives will be key.


“93% of business leaders agree that communication is the backbone of business” - The State of Business Communication, Grammarly


If every major communications service provider has 5G, and needs to charge more to support this investment, the question remains: “How do we create differentiated services that not only demonstrate the power of 5G but also drive switching and adoption?”


Boosting ARPU with conversational intelligence


“Flat/declining ARPU is making it more important than ever that CSPs target their network investments in areas with the highest potential for sustainable growth and optimal return on investment (ROI).” - Planning today for the networks - and revenue opportunities - of tomorrow, Infovista


“For service providers, this marks a critical turning point in translating the power of the data coursing through networks to true value - both in ARPU and for their customers.”
- James Slaney, COO, Dubber


Dubber’s network-embedded conversational intelligence capabilities that analyze and give insights across voice, video, and chat, makes it an unparalleled opportunity to help organisations do hybrid work effectively on 5G.


Service providers have unprecedented data flowing in the content on their networks - and it’s largely untapped. 5G will result in an exponential data explosion and its up to service providers to capitalise on the value of that data.


A crucial key to unlocking the value of data on 5G is in transforming conversations on voice and unified communications services into data. Notes by Dubber does just this - driving revenue, retention and differentiation. Unlike many applications built purely for end-users, Notes By Dubber starts as a core network service - instantly embeddable and scaleable.


Get in touch to learn more about how putting Dubber on your voice, video, and chat offerings can help deliver ROI on your 5G investments.

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