Can corporate culture survive and thrive in hybrid work?

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

9 May 2022

Can corporate culture survive and thrive in hybrid work?

“The Pandemic has forever changed the trajectory of the work environment. CxOs understand this but culture, processes and technology are not yet mature enough to meet the expectations of today's workforce.” 

- 2022 Future of Work Study, Incisiv


Corporate culture is an intrinsic part of every business. When caring and order reign, and teamwork, trust, and respect are present, the workplace thrives. When company culture starts going south, employee engagement, loyalty, and retention rates go down, and conflict goes up. It’s a slippery slope, and many businesses have found it difficult to maintain a strong corporate culture in the shift to hybrid work.


Sustaining company culture is one of the top challenges facing businesses today in the shift to hybrid work. Why? Because distance and lack of modernised technology have caused friction in the workplace, which has led to a decline in satisfaction with company culture overall. 


Future of Work Survey 2021-2024

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“Only 56% of C-suite executives believe they have been able to sustain their organization's culture while working in a distributed working model”

- 2022 Future of Work Study, Incisiv


Service providers can help bridge the gap that has emerged in company culture by offering solutions that monitor and assess employee wellbeing across distance.


“Companies with strong culture achieve three times higher total return to shareholders than others.” - McKinsey, 2020


Dubber’s conversational analytics empowers businesses to bridge this gap - with insights into employee engagement, satisfaction, and connection collectively across the enterprise, as well as drilling down to the team or individual level. It’s a chance to put an end to not knowing. It’s also a chance to rebuild corporate culture to fit a hybrid work model, utilising the resources you already have to inform decision making. Dubber unifies conversations across all endpoints on phone, mobile, and Unified Communications platforms such as MS Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom for the full picture.


How conversational intelligence boosts company culture in hybrid work


  • Know your people and teams with real-time sentiment analytics - by meeting, team or company-wide, whether in-person or online

  • Replay, share and evidence crucial conversations to coach and resolve interpersonal issues based on exactly what was said in remote meetings

  • Reduce meeting overload and burnout by enabling team members to quickly surface the parts of meetings relevant to them without having to attend the meeting

  • Discover when teams are not communicating enough, to re-evaluate and reignite modern team-building practices


Service providers can enable their customers by offering Dubber as an essential service alongside their remote communications tool stack. Ask us how Dubber can help double your revenue on every endpoint.


Get the Future of Work study here.


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