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Welcome Speik!
22 December 2020

Today we welcome Speik to the Dubber family.

Growth through Dubber’s continuing global execution – and by adding service provider footprint and capability through acquisitions – is core to our strategy. The aim is simple – grow faster and deliver more services to more service and solution providers, Enterprises, SMEs and Governments than ever before.

Matthew Townend, Executive Director, Cavell said it well:

“Service and Solution Providers are in a race to achieve differentiation and answer the accelerating compliance, security and productivity demands of Enterprise. Dubber with Speik creates an industry-leading offering for service and solution providers and deep capability in addressing compliance and call recording needs within SME’s and Enterprises.”

Demand for Unified Call Recording continues to accelerate driven by compliance, dispersed workforces driving demand for IP-based and mobile conversations, and the need to capture crucial conversations for business continuity, operational and team productivity.

To meet this need, we’re continuing to move quickly. Unlike others who have concentrated on doing this within specific applications or use cases, Speik aligns with our approach of capturing billions of conversations as they take place in the service provider network and major communications solutions – like Cisco Webex and Microsoft teams.

By doing so, we enable Enterprises and Government users to capture calls from any endpoint while eliminating their need for costly hardware, professional services and ever-escalating costs as data grows.

And critically, we can fully answer the need of the modern Service Provider working across SIP, Mobile and UC end-points – enabling them to deliver a complete and differentiated solution to customers.

Why Speik?

Speik is a leading provider of call recording solutions to UK service providers – in particular, O2’s mobile network – and has strong solutions capabilities for addressing PCI and other compliance mandates.Sergio Budkin, Director of Business Products and Propositions, Telefonica UK Ltd (O2);

“Together with Speik, O2 has been providing the mobile recording service in the UK, enabling compliance, improved customer experience and productivity gains for Enterprises and Government. We welcome the opportunity to expand those services via Dubber’s industry-leading offering across multiple sectors and delivery platforms.”

Our combined capabilities will accelerate Dubber’s industry-leading growth and address the significant opportunity for compliant Unified Call Recording. The acquisition immediately grows Dubber’s market-leading position in EMEA and contributes positively to Dubber’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) momentum.

And Speik are profitable – which adds to our bottom-line and gives us confidence that as we invest in growing Speik through sales and marketing, it benefits our customers and shareholders.

Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber on the Speik acquisition:

“Dubber’s acquisition of Speik is fundamentally accretive on all levels. Speik brings to Dubber a strong footprint in the leading UK-based mobile network provider, world-class technology resources, and a growing base of subscribers.

“The team at Speik has been a pioneer in terms of network-based mobile recording together with O2. Their success with one recording partner over 7 years provides an insight into Dubber’s ambitions for its own 130plus service provider partners, globally.

“The Dubber product suite has a capability to expand Speik’s revenue opportunities with O2 – and other service providers – from its current enterprise focus into the larger addressable markets of mobile SME and across UC and Microsoft Teams services with Unified Call Recording.

We believe that Dubber can substantially accelerate growth and adoption in that and other key UK-based relationships — and use Speik’s PCI services to drive additional revenues into our service provider partners. We welcome the Speik team to our growing Dubber family and look forward to serving our mutual customers like never before.”

Dubber’s scale and industry-leading Unified Call Recording technologies will enable to Speik to grow across the UK and EMEA. We’ll also be bringing Speik capabilities to service providers globally.

A Unified Approach to UCR

Speik and Dubber have a common network-centric and Cloud-first technology approach enabling us to accelerate the evolution of Unified Call Recording and Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud.

Simply put, that means any conversation from any endpoint captured – and from any call recording solution – in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud. There it can be shared with applications like Salesforce, big data sets and data visualisation and analytics platforms like Tableau and Google Data Studio.

2021 will see more Enterprises and Governments moving to realise the potential of voice data — together with Speik we are best positioned to help Service Providers meet that opportunity.

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