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What every Microsoft Operator Connect Partner should do now
21 February 2022

Demand for Microsoft Calling and Teams solutions has never been higher. With the race on to meet demand, Microsoft Operator Connect partners need to move quickly to differentiate and meet the broader needs of customers.

“As the traditional service provider model transforms it is vital for providers to find new revenue streams, services, and solutions to offer to end customers.” Cavell Group

Four immediate opportunities exist for every Microsoft Operator Connect partner.

1. Differentiate with value-added conversational recording and voice AI

McKinsey put it well, “Telcos’ success will hinge on their ability to leverage data and deploy advanced analytics, AI, and automation at scale to drive new sources of growth and change the broader economics of the business.”

Service providers have an immediate opportunity to differentiate themselves in every Microsoft Teams deal by offering instantly available, infinitely scalable conversational recording and AI based intelligence that lives in the cloud.

2. Increase revenue by expanding the conversation with customers – address key use cases and business drivers

Gartner predicts that by 2025, organisations will record and analyse 75 percent of work conversations, enabling the discovery of added organisational value or risk.

Organisations are seeking insights from conversations to meet compliance requirements, improve customer experience, boost productivity, and increase sales and service performance.

Service providers can harness a multi-billion dollar opportunity and address a wide range of customer requirements with one conversational recording solution without the need to continually invest in multiple niche solutions.

3. Increase retention and reduce churn by creating stickiness with the unification of data and services on a common platform

Keeping customers is valuable. Research by Frederick Reichheld, inventor of the Net Promoter Score, shows increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

So how can conversational data help?

The number of connected devices that people own has doubled since 2019, to 25 per household. People now communicate across a growing communications landscape: mobile, Microsoft Teams, SIP connections, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. With internal conversations, plus connections with partners and customers, there is a challenge for enterprises to gain visibility into all conversations from a single access point.

By capturing and unifying every conversation across multiple platforms, service providers can generate significant value for their customers, which in turn drives greater retention and stickiness to their services.

4. Modernise legacy call recording solutions, reduce CAPEX, and develop a stronger ROI model with modern conversational recording solutions

Legacy systems can cost organisations up to a 15% budget increase every year for maintenance. This is not to mention the high costs of staffing and the opportunity cost of not investing in emerging technologies such as AI.

Service providers can modernise their approach to call recording and remove costly legacy solutions. Cloud-based SaaS unified conversational recording and AI solutions have far stronger ROI models, meaning telcos can do far more with less investment.

Solutions that can be embedded into networks and that already integrate with critical infrastructure also add to compelling business cases for service providers.

The question every Microsoft Operator Connect partner needs to answer now is: Are you ready to differentiate and 2x your Microsoft Teams ARPU?

Dubber delivers an immediate advantage on every Microsoft Teams endpoint. Cloud-native and compliant, Dubber switches on with a click and is easily integrated with your current provisioning and billing engines. But the benefits don’t stop there:

  1. First Microsoft Certified compliant unified call recording platform fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
  2. Unify call recording from any eligible end-point – not just Microsoft Teams – increasing your footprint with the customer
  3. Fully integrated cloud service, delivering the ultimate combination of reliability, scalability and security
  4. Significant upsell revenue growth – we’ll provide the pathway to other revenue streams that no other provider can offer

With more than 75% of business conversations set to be recorded – and business drivers spanning compliance, revenue, people and customer intelligence, the time for Microsoft Operator Connect partners to integrate unified call recording and conversational AI is now.

Get the edge.

Download our free guide by analyst firm Cavell Group to learn how service providers can get the edge with CX, call recording and conversational data.

Learn about:

  • Why customer experience is a critical driver
  • How voice data and unified conversational recording can differentiation
  • How COVID, changing communications and the cloud are driving changes in Service provider offerings
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