A scalable platform for growing businesses

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

7 October 2019

A scalable platform for growing businesses

Our cloud storage sets us apart from other call recording service providers by offering a scalable platform for growing businesses. As a native cloud call recording solution, we offer a range of storage options to adapt to the needs of service providers and their customers. We built the Dubber platform in the cloud to offer unlimited scalability to our customers. What does this mean in practice?

Flexible options

Scalability offered by the cloud provides flexible approaches to user counts, processing capacity, and storage. Combined, these allow us to provide products and plans tailor-made for service providers.

Perpetual retention

A common challenge for on-premise solutions is that their sizing was undertaken at time of installation. As a business grows in both users and usage, a challenge can arise where the volume of daily new call recordings is beyond prediction. This forces administrators to balance which services are being recorded and the length of time to retain each recording.

This approach to retention is just not adequate in the real world, especially when regulations such as MiFID II require calls to be stored for five years. The Dubber platform has the capability to securely store large volumes of calls in perpetuity, giving organisations the tools they need to comply with the regulations of their industry.


Our Software-as-a-Service model allows us to offer a range of subscription options to telecommunications service providers and their customers. Want to cover call recording for compliance and contact centres but also offer packages with less commitment that introduce a whole new customer base to the benefits of call recording? Dubber has you covered. We offer low-cost and commitment-free packages with shorter storage periods that can be supplied alongside standard reserved call recording packages that require perpetual storage.

Unrestricted storage

As well as long-term options, the Dubber platform can also accommodate large call volumes. The unrestricted storage provided by the cloud allows for vast numbers of concurrent calls to be recorded. Dubber’s true cloud storage allows the solution to scale alongside a business during busy periods, and there are never any concerns about running out of space. Calls are always available instantly and are easily searchable.


Dubber is a native cloud platform, with an architecture specifically designed to provide maximum security for the recording data of all our users. The Dubber platform utilises sophisticated security systems, leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies to provide a highly secure and scalable call recording solution. All data is stored within our platform under AES-256 bit encryption, providing best-in-class security. The platform offers true cloud multi-tenancy architecture, ensuring separation of all customer data.

Learn more about our security

Get in touch to find out how the Dubber solution can scale to suit your business, contact us here.


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