It’s time to end not knowing

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

17 November 2020

It’s time to end not knowing

James Slaney is the co-founder of Dubber. Here he gives us an overview of how voice data can provide solutions to business problems.

There's one piece missing from every organisation's compliance and performance puzzle. Voice. And AI powered Unified Call Recording is the answer.

Today the majority of our business interactions are voice-based. And more than ever, those calls are happening outside of the call centre.

When those calls and conversations end, critical content and value is lost forever. Imagine losing the majority of your data every day.

Traditional approaches to call recording don’t work when calls are happening across devices and communication platforms like Microsoft Teams. Hardware costs, lack of scalability, insurmountable technical barriers, and compliance difficulties mean a new approach is needed.

Businesses are left not knowing.

With customers consistently choosing to contact brands over the phone, critical content and value is being lost every day. Businesses who aren’t capturing their voice data are left asking what their customers are saying, whether they’re satisfied, what the details of their orders were, and whether their records are up to date.

That's why we created Dubber, the world’s #1 Unified Call Recording solution powered by the cloud and AI. It’s the only fully scalable and compliant solution that can be switched on with a click.

A data-driven approach to customer and employee experience is critical to the growth and development of an organisation, particularly In today’s hyper-competitive economy.

Unified Call Recording automatically captures every call and transforms conversations into tangible data through AI. Voice data can be used to power transcripts, real-time search, alerts, and sentiment analysis.

Only 36% of executives have real-time, highly integrated capabilities across all customer channels within their enterprise.

Data doesn't stop with Dubber. The future of customer service will see one unified record of interactions across every channel, no longer requiring a customer to relay their entire history to each new representative they speak to. Why wait for the future? What if every customer call was automatically transcribed and logged within your company’s CRM application?

Using an open API, businesses can populate CRM tools with a unified record of customer interactions. Imagine every Salesforce record up-to-date with the most recent customer conversation: including the recording, transcript, and even customer sentiment.

The integration of business data is the foundation for superior data-driven customer experiences and compliance.

Together we can unlock the potential of voice data to power better business outcomes, enterprise transformation and business continuity.

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