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Company Profile

Dubber is a leading unified call recording and conversational intelligence solution. A disruptor in the multi-billion dollar call recording industry and built to scale to meet any need, Dubber enables organisations to unlock the insights to be found in calls, videos and messages – on any device and in any location.

From a long and proud heritage in voice recording, today Dubber provides innovative solutions and advanced functionality that helps network owners extract – and deliver – more value. Powered by sophisticated capture and AI capabilities, Dubber’s conversational intelligence platform is designed to do exactly that. This democratisation of AI has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses operate and interact with their customers, opening up new opportunities and possibilities.


About Dubber
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Board of Directors

Neil WIlson
Neil Wilson

Non-Executive Chairman

Board of Directors | Steve McGovern
Steve McGovern

Managing Director

Peter Pawlowitsch
Peter Pawlowitsch

Executive Director

Board of Directors | Sarah Diamond | board
Sarah Diamond

Non-Executive Director

Gerard Bongornio
Gerard Bongornio

Non-Executive Director

Corporate Policies

Dubber is all about growth - and that starts with our team. Our policies and values guide our Dubsters and lead us to outperform through collaboration and bring out the best in each other.





Corporate Directory


Principal Place of Business

Level 5, 2 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Telephone: 1800 DUBBER (382237) (option3)
International: +61 3 8658 6111 (option 3)
Facsimile: +61 3 8080 6466


Registered Office

Level 5, 2 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Securities Exchange Listing

ASX Limited

Share Registry

Automic Registry Services (Automic Pty Ltd)
Level 2, 267 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Telephone: +61 (0)8 9324 2099
1300 288 664 (within Australia)

Company Secretary

David Franks


Milcor Legal L1, 6 Thelma Street West, Perth WA 6005


Ernst & Young
Level 23, 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Investor Relations

Simon Hinsley
+61 (0) 401 809 653

Media Enquiries

Terry Alberstein
+61 (0) 458 484 921




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