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Your customers know what they want. Are you listening?
27 October 2021

A wealth of data is locked in the conversations your business is having with customers. Conversational intelligence is the key to unlocking that wealth so you can differentiate your business in the market, boost revenue and retain customers.

Chances are, you already listen to your customers.

You do if you use call recording for compliance or training purposes.

That means you are capturing valuable insights into business performance.

Listening to what customers say is the best way to understand what they want. Pay close attention and you will know what they think and how they might respond to offers. You will understand them better.

It’s important to hear both the words and the music in a conversation. That is, the tone, the hesitations and other non-word clues.

Do that and you’ll pick up crucial insights you won’t find in other forms of communication.

Until now this has been hard to do.

Face-to-face listening is hard to scale. Team members dealing with incoming calls tend to focus on specifics. That’s how they are trained and it is how they are rewarded.

Any intelligence gathering done the manual way is, at best, secondary.

Now, thanks to Dubber cloud-based call recording, you can listen and understand what your customers are saying. Cloud based recording means you can capture every spoken word. You can collect both the words and the music of business conversations at scale.

There’s something certain about an audio recording of a conversation. Other records, either a written note or a reported conversation are only hearsay. They can’t be substantiated. In a strict legal sense they are little more than rumour. There’s always a degree of uncertainty. With an audio recording, or a written transcript of an audio recording you are dealing with verifiable information.

What’s more, when you capture a conversation by making notes, you are not listening closely enough to what is being said. Your brain is in a translating, transcribing mode. It’s controlling your pen or your figures on a keyboard.

When everything is recorded in the background you can focus on listening.

Better still, the technology means you can automate the listening.

AI, sentiment analysis and other techniques can pay close attention to every moment of every conversation.

Say there’s a barely audible wince when your team member mentions price to the customer. Or a gasp when new product features are described. They are powerful signals that team members might overlook — the software doesn’t miss a beat.

It means for the first time you can know what customers actually think.

You can better understand customers and their needs.

This gives you the power to differentiate your business.

You’ll get better customer satisfaction.

AI tools can warn that a customer is thinking of going elsewhere. You’ll have time to move in early to avoid losing their business.

None of this requires dramatic change to your business process. It uses tools you have at your disposal.

Now is the time to act.

Gartner says by 2025 companies will record three quarters of business conversations.

Voice is the most common communications channel between a business and its customers. Around four out of five customer interactions are voice conversations.

Once you are recording all your calls, it’s a short step to mining them for customer intelligence.

The best way to do this is with cloud call recording. In the past companies installed on premise call recording systems. They linked them to centralised call centres.

That’s useful, but centralised call centres only capture half of all customer conversations. Many businesses have found accessing and mining calls from legacy systems difficult and slow.

These days the interactions that matter take place elsewhere. Remote work teams and mobile employees mean people can take calls anywhere.

That’s why capturing voice data at the network level is vital. A cloud call recording system with instant easy access to conversations like Dubber does this for you.

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