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We’re thrilled to announce that Dubber Moments has been honoured as the Platinum Winner in the Best AI Innovation in Telco category at Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2024.  The awards mark our second major industry win since the release of Dubber Moments in June 2023. This accolade follows closely after our “Best…
Dubber Moments Wins CogX Award for Best AI Product in Telecom
Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB), the global leader in conversation intelligence, has been awarded “Best AI Product in Telecom” for Dubber Moments, its revolutionary voice AI solution, at the prestigious CogX Awards in London. The CogX Festival is the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policy makers working together to…
13 Sep 2023
What every Microsoft Operator Connect Partner should do now

What every Microsoft Operator Connect Partner should do now

Demand for Microsoft Calling and Teams solutions has never been higher. With the race on to meet demand, Microsoft Operator Connect partners need to move quickly to differentiate and meet the broader needs of customers.

“As the traditional service provider model transforms it is vital for providers to find new revenue streams, services, and solutions to offer to end customers.” Cavell Group

Four immediate opportunities exist for every Microsoft Operator Connect partner.

1. Differentiate with value-added conversational recording and voice AI

McKinsey put it well, “Telcos’ success will hinge on their ability to leverage data and deploy advanced analytics, AI, and automation at scale to drive new sources of growth and change the broader economics of the business.”

Service providers have an immediate opportunity to differentiate themselves in every Microsoft Teams deal by offering instantly available, infinitely scalable conversational recording and AI based intelligence that lives in the cloud.

2. Increase revenue by expanding the conversation with customers – address key use cases and business drivers

Gartner predicts that by 2025, organisations will record and analyse 75 percent of work conversations, enabling the discovery of added organisational value or risk.

Organisations are seeking insights from conversations to meet compliance requirements, improve customer experience, boost productivity, and increase sales and service performance.

Service providers can harness a multi-billion dollar opportunity and address a wide range of customer requirements with one conversational recording solution without the need to continually invest in multiple niche solutions.

3. Increase retention and reduce churn by creating stickiness with the unification of data and services on a common platform

Keeping customers is valuable. Research by Frederick Reichheld, inventor of the Net Promoter Score, shows increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

So how can conversational data help?

The number of connected devices that people own has doubled since 2019, to 25 per household. People now communicate across a growing communications landscape: mobile, Microsoft Teams, SIP connections, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. With internal conversations, plus connections with partners and customers, there is a challenge for enterprises to gain visibility into all conversations from a single access point.

By capturing and unifying every conversation across multiple platforms, service providers can generate significant value for their customers, which in turn drives greater retention and stickiness to their services.

4. Modernise legacy call recording solutions, reduce CAPEX, and develop a stronger ROI model with modern conversational recording solutions

Legacy systems can cost organisations up to a 15% budget increase every year for maintenance. This is not to mention the high costs of staffing and the opportunity cost of not investing in emerging technologies such as AI.

Service providers can modernise their approach to call recording and remove costly legacy solutions. Cloud-based SaaS unified conversational recording and AI solutions have far stronger ROI models, meaning telcos can do far more with less investment.

Solutions that can be embedded into networks and that already integrate with critical infrastructure also add to compelling business cases for service providers.

The question every Microsoft Operator Connect partner needs to answer now is: Are you ready to differentiate and 2x your Microsoft Teams ARPU?

Dubber delivers an immediate advantage on every Microsoft Teams endpoint. Cloud-native and compliant, Dubber switches on with a click and is easily integrated with your current provisioning and billing engines. But the benefits don’t stop there:

  1. First Microsoft Certified compliant unified call recording platform fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
  2. Unify call recording from any eligible end-point – not just Microsoft Teams – increasing your footprint with the customer
  3. Fully integrated cloud service, delivering the ultimate combination of reliability, scalability and security
  4. Significant upsell revenue growth – we’ll provide the pathway to other revenue streams that no other provider can offer

With more than 75% of business conversations set to be recorded – and business drivers spanning compliance, revenue, people and customer intelligence, the time for Microsoft Operator Connect partners to integrate unified call recording and conversational AI is now.

Get the edge.

Download our free guide by analyst firm Cavell Group to learn how service providers can get the edge with CX, call recording and conversational data.

Learn about:

  • Why customer experience is a critical driver
  • How voice data and unified conversational recording can differentiation
  • How COVID, changing communications and the cloud are driving changes in Service provider offerings
Connect with Dubber at Mobile World Congress 2022!

Connect with Dubber at Mobile World Congress 2022!

We are excited to be exhibiting the world’s #1 Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI platform at Mobile World Congress 2022. Now is the chance to see our industry-leading solution in action; learn how to add voice data rocket fuel for mobile revenue with Dubber.

Five reasons to visit Dubber

  • Your customers are demanding a network-embedded service for compliant recording and conversational intelligence that extends to every end-point – mobile, phone, video and chat. When your network is mobile, shouldn’t your call recording and AI be mobile as well?
  • Your competitors are differentiating their portfolio and maximising the revenue and retention potential of every connection with Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI. Make yourself stand out in a sea of UC sameness.
  • Stop paying for legacy call recording. Dubber is the solution 160+ leading mobile networks and service providers are utilising to modernise and monetize their approach to call recording, unifying end-points and enriching recordings with AI to unlock a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.
  • Deploy in minutes on your solutions. We’re the only preferred and native Unified Conversational recording solution on Cisco Webex Calling, can double your revenue on Microsoft Operator Connect, and embed easily in the widest range of communication solutions including MS Teams and Zoom.
  • Boost productivity for your customers. Be among the first to see Dubber Notes in action; the digital meeting organiser and notetaker that integrates with all major online meeting and project management platforms to streamline meetings and drive employee productivity outcomes for your customers.

Schedule a 1:1 demo with the team

We have big prizes on offer when you schedule and attend a demo with the team at Mobile World Congress 2022

  • 5x Apple AirPod Pros
  • 2x Apple AirPod Max
  • We also have a £1,000 travel voucher to put toward your next holiday when you complete our on-site survey


Comment from Andy Lark on the event:

“Our debut at MWC is a powerful opportunity for mobile network operators and service providers to get up close and personal with Dubber, to see how our solution helps accelerate innovation and retain more value. The power of native cloud-based voice recording, storage, and voice data across the breadth of your mobile and Unified Communications is undeniable. Schedule some time with us to create a blueprint to 2x revenue on every endpoint.”


Schedule a time with Dubber at MWC22!

Dubber December 2021 Quarterly Activities Report

Dubber December 2021 Quarterly Activities Report

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (‘Dubber’ or ‘the Company’), the leading global Unified Call Recording & Voice Intelligence cloud service designed for service providers, government, and businesses of any size, today released its report on the Company’s operating activities along with the Appendix 4C for the quarter ended 31 December 2021.

Download the Dubber December 2021 Quarterly Activities Report below.

Australian Military Bank improves member experience, meets compliance needs and saves significantly with Dubber

Australian Military Bank improves member experience, meets compliance needs and saves significantly with Dubber

Voice calls are the main point of contact for Australian Military Bank members. The Bank uses Dubber call recording as an essential part of improving the member experience and compliance.

Here’s the backstory

Australian Military Bank is a member-owned mutual bank. Open to everyone, however, it provides specialist banking and finance services to Defence personnel and their families.

There are 14 branch locations across Australia and 11 internal Departments connected to Dubber CallN.

Head of Marketing Penelope Killick says the bank’s membership differs from other financial institutions. Many members serve in the Defence Force, they get deployed across Australia and may find themselves posted overseas.

She says: “We’ve got members who are always on the move. That’s why contacting via phone is so important. Our members may be deployed in places where they don’t have access to a branch. For these reasons, voice calls are the main point of contact for many members. It’s vital that we get it right.”

While the Bank has a central call centre in Sydney, many calls are either directed to branches or routed to them. The system can transfer after-hours calls in Eastern Australia to a branch in Perth. The contact centre team are able to handle many enquiries that might otherwise be a branch’s job.

Customer Experience is everything

Rizwan Dean, the Bank’s IT manager, says the Bank uses Dubber CallN for quality assurance, call recording and analytics. It allows staff to go back into calls, review a conversation, understand what members are talking about and identify their pain points.

He says: “We get a lot of information by listening to calls. Our conversations with our members tells us a lot about what they really want from us as their bank. We find Dubber is a very useful application.”

Killick says improving the member experience is a key priority for the Bank. “We can provide them with services to meet their requirements. We can help members particularly at the moment when Covid can mean circumstances may change”.

“Being able to log-in, and look at what is happening with member enquiries is important. We like having the ability to coach our staff in how to better respond to what are often unique requirements. And we find the tool useful when it comes to handling complaints, which is part of improving the member experience.”

Proactive Fraud Detection and Compliance

Dean says the Bank also uses voice recordings to detect and deal with fraud. Calls are easily checked if the fraud team suspects there is an issue or if a customer asks a staff member to do something fraudulent.

Another important related use is bank compliance. Australian regulators require the Bank to keep customer recordings for seven years. The recordings provide immutable evidence of every customer conversation.

As part of that process, auditors have the opportunity to review sample recordings and their own quality assurance checks. They provide reports to the Board and to regulators, to demonstrate they are meeting compliance requirements.

Cost Savings, Reliability and Productivity in the Cloud

Australia Military Bank’s dispersed network uses unified communications and that’s a natural partner for Dubber’s unified voice recording.

Dean says it means the Bank can use a single solution for all its recordings.

He says; “When I joined the Australian Military Bank one of the biggest pain points was that the Bank had to put physical computers and hardware at each site. These connect to our network and sit listening to voice traffic.

“The recordings were then uploaded back into the CallN portal. That was a problem because our branches are located at Defence sites. When there was maintenance, security work or patches on the Defence network, our branches would lose their connectivity. That meant we would have gaps in our quality assurance and compliance.

“Going to Dubber CallN cloud made our lives so much easier. That’s because it no longer matters where someone is dialling in from, even from mobiles, the recording happens at the Telstra gateway, not the branch.

“It means the gap is now closed. We don’t miss anything. It also means the overall hardware footprint and the capex is significantly reduced.”

The cost and productivity savings to the Bank are considerable. Previously every time a computer broke down, they’d have to replace it and send it out to the site and all machines required constant patching and upgrades to stay compliant.

As a result of the move to the cloud solution, they’ve eliminated the huge number of hours spent every month building and patching computers and guiding staff how to set them up on site.

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4 Things You Might’ve Missed in Dubber in 2021

4 Things You Might’ve Missed in Dubber in 2021

1. More Service Providers discover the value in adding data to their voice services

More service providers are adding Dubber to their networks and solutions than ever, with Dubber now on over 160 service provider networks. New partnerships this year include BT and AT&T, two of the largest leading service and solutions providers in the world, in moves that speak to the value of adding Dubber’s unified voice data service across the full suite of service provider endpoints and UC solutions.

“More service providers are driving revenue, retention and differentiation through voice services. Where the dominant revenue stream stemmed from making connections, the future will be based on creating value for themselves and their customers from the content on those connections.” – Russell Evans, Chief Revenue Officer, Dubber.

2. Business productivity in remote-first interactions got a significant boost

While the Dubber feature set continues to evolve to help end-users become more productive, of note this year was our acquisition of meeting force multiplier, Notiv. The AI-driven note-taking and action-item-generating software that sits in on meetings is hyper-focused on making meetings more effective and productive.

2022 will mark the year that Notiv becomes a key offering of service provider networks. Embedded as a service, capturing every conversation, and transforming it into meaningful insights. Note Taking will finally be automated, simple, and affordable. And an incredible source of differentiation for every service provider.

“AI can now touch every endpoint on a network – UC calls, mobile, and video. Every conversation has the potential to be augmented and enriched by AI unlocking insights and providing the data to power workflows and enrich other data sets. For too long conversations have been untapped and isolated to specific applications. By enabling AI to run, as a service, on every conversation service providers and businesses can tap one of the most important data sources in the world.” – Steve Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Dubber.

3. Major Unified Communications platforms branch into new territory

Call recording was once a feature based on complex integration, high-cost storage, siloed applications, and management overhead. Today it is being delivered as a service at the core of major communications platforms.

Today, Webex Calling and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (Cisco’s enterprise cloud communications infrastructure solution) customers obtain Dubber basic cloud call recording solution for free – with enriched services available as an upgrade. Critically, this same service surfaces recordings, data, and insights from calls and conversations on other networks, such as mobile, providing customers with a single window into their conversational data, recordings and insights.

“Customers worldwide are responding to increased regulatory and compliance obligations for their businesses. Embedding tools, like Dubber call recording, as a standard service that is available to Webex users will help customers meet those requirements while enabling easy access to powerful advanced voice data services.” – Lorrissa Horton, Vice President and General Manager of Webex Calling and Online.

4. Hybrid-work staples gain a new service to help companies do business more effectively

Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom became dominant parts of every worker’s lives over the past year. And, a key offering from every service provider globally. Call recording as a feature was supplanted by call recording as a service – always on, requiring no management overhead or storage costs, and driving visibility into recordings and data across all services through a single window.

With hybrid work, employees still need to work compliantly, under the umbrella of management-sanctioned Unified Communications and enterprise mobility solutions. The recent fine of $200m metered out to JP Morgan – for violating record-keeping laws for employees using WhatsApp and personal devices for communications – speaks to the necessity of holistic solutions like Dubber for hybrid workplace control and compliance.

With a big 2021, it’s set to be an even bigger 2022 for Dubber, as we continue our mission to help service providers and end-users get the most out of every conversation.

The race to offer call recording as a service in telco mobile networks

The race to offer call recording as a service in telco mobile networks

With revenue streams and retention under pressure like never before, and customers demanding solutions for compliance, productivity and intelligence – the race is on to offer call recording and AI as a service in the mobile network.

Hybrid working has increased usage of mobile and rapid adoption of unified communications, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex, for crucial customer interactions. This has made it more challenging for businesses to meet regulatory and legal requirements – and for service providers to address those needs.

Behind the use cases that mandate call recording is the broader need to enhance productivity and harness the power of AI and data from a once untappable data source, conversations.

Applications such as Dubber’s automated note-taking – fuelled by native and cloud call recording – now make it possible to enhance the productivity of every worker through automated note-taking, AI-enriched insights, and connectivity to critical enterprise apps. Now an action spoken of in a meeting can be instantly captured, translated, and added to Asana as a task.

Mobile service providers are set to benefit from the drive to record. With Gartner indicating that by 2025, 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analyzed, mobile call recording provides a significant market opportunity for service providers who already provide the network infrastructure for these conversations.

Service providers instantly get access to a high-value recurring revenue stream that can well exceed $100m per annum. They achieve differentiation not just from the service but also from the new services they can deliver based on AI-enriched data sets. And, retention increased as the value of the service moves beyond just connections to how the service provider delivers value from the content on those connections. 5G in of itself, as an example won’t be enough to accelerate service provider growth. It’s the new ways in which 5G can be used – such as unified call recording – that will make the difference in 2022” – James Slaney, chief operating officer, Dubber.

The days of legacy call recording are over and don’t scale to record mobile and UC conversations. Hardware, services, siloed data and ever-increasing storage costs are being replaced with call recording and AI solutions delivered as a service, by Service Providers.

Dubber has recently partnered with Optus to deliver mobile voice recording and AI, an Australia-first, as a native feature of the Optus mobile network. As a result, Optus Enterprise customers have access to a cost-effective and complete recording and conversational insights solution across virtually any form of communication – including transcriptions, sentiment analysis, real-time search and more.

“Through our strategic partnership with Dubber we can now boost our customers productivity, visibility, and effectiveness. Optus’ Australian first native integration of Dubber into our mobile network allows participating enterprise customers the ability to unlock the power of conversational AI to push the frontier of how they care for customers, train and coach employees, resolve disputes and meet crucial compliance mandates.” 

Zorawar Singh, Head of Core Product, Optus Enterprise

It’s time to do more with every conversation on mobile networks.

Dubber and Optus to Launch Mobile Voice Recording for Enterprise Services

Dubber and Optus to Launch Mobile Voice Recording for Enterprise Services

  • An Australian-first, native integration of recording on the Optus mobile network*
  • Unified recording across any mobile device on Optus makes revealing insights simple, easy and affordable
  • Conversational AI to boost enterprise productivity, intelligence, and compliance
  • Available to all Optus enterprise customers now in beta program

Melbourne, Australia – 13 December 2021 — Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber) is pleased to announce that its Unified Call Recording and Voice AI platform is launching on the Optus mobile network.

Delivered as Optus Mobile Voice Recording and AI – powered by Dubber, the product represents an Australian first with Dubber Unified Call recording and AI available as a native feature of the Optus mobile network. As a result, enterprise customers on Optus now have access to a cost-effective and complete recording and conversational insights solution across virtually any form of communication.

Announcement highlights:

  • An industry-leader in secure and scalable recording and conversational intelligence provisioned instantly as a scalable SaaS service, with no capital or services expenditure.
  • Allows enterprise and government users to securely record all mobile calls for compliance, customer, people and revenue intelligence.
  • AI insights including real-time sentiment analysis, transcriptions, and alerts for every call
  • Seamless integration with CRM solutions like Saleforce.com and compliance platforms

Optus enterprise customers will be able to access all call recordings, transcripts, instant sentiment data and search in real-time from their phone or browser with a click.

In addition, businesses with surveillance, internal policy and broader compliance requirements will now be able to capture mobile conversations, securely recording, storing and reporting on conversations for proactive compliance management.

Zorawar Singh, Head of Core Product, Optus Enterprise

“Through our strategic partnership with Dubber we can now boost our customers’ productivity, visibility, and effectiveness. Optus’ Australian first native integration of Dubber into our mobile network allows participating enterprise customers the ability to unlock the power of conversational AI to push the frontier of how they care for customers, train and coach employees, resolve disputes and meet crucial compliance mandates.”

Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber

“With Dubber at the heart of one of Australia’s largest and most critical mobile networks, we are making the native recording available with AI on every participating phone. Optus is expanding its leadership in connecting Australian businesses to their employees and customers and this now includes the ability to try AI based enrichment of conversations with insights, automated workflows, and more. A conversation on Optus’ network is now worth more to a customer through the ability to capture and reveal insights from that conversation alongside others from other Optus services.

Optus Mobile Voice Recording and AI powered by Dubber  opens up a significant addressable market, provides a key solution where, historically, there has been a tangible compliance gap and represents a significant leap forward in achieving Dubber’s vision of ‘AI for every phone’. Whatever industry you are working in – financial services, healthcare, retail, government, legal, entertainment, travel, or transport – the power of native mobile recording, sentiment analysis, storage, transcription and real-time “search-ability” will be available to you on your Optus mobile service.”

Optus Mobile Voice Recording and AI-powered by Dubber benefits and use cases include:
  • Search-ability – instantly find call records and transcripts from today, yesterday, last week or last year.
  • Proactive Compliance –Respond to regulatory requests and investigations in real-time and provide alerts on possible compliance breaches.
  • Revenue, Customer & Business Intelligence – provide real-time reporting on customer and agent sentiment and engagement. Instantly review conversations to improve customer service and employee coaching.
  • Dispute Resolution – avoid costly customer disputes by having a complete and accurate record of customer conversations.
  • Easily Integrate with Productivity Tools – minimize inaccurate and time-wasting manual note-taking. Instead, capture conversations and automatically attach them to customer records in Salesforce and other productivity tools.
Dubber named on FinTech Global’s fifth annual RegTech 100 list

Dubber named on FinTech Global’s fifth annual RegTech 100 list

The new RegTech100 list for 2022 is launched today. Now in its fifth edition, the list recognises the world’s most innovative technology solution providers that offer products and services in the areas of compliance, risk management, information security and financial crime.

The RegTech (regulatory technology) industry has experienced rapid growth over the last two years as financial institutions dealt with rising tide of regulatory changes and rules updates brought by remote working and increased use of digital channels post Covid-19. As a result, RegTech spending by banks and other highly regulated institutions is projected to exceed $130bn by 2025.

It’s not surprising this year’s process to identify the 100 RegTech innovation leaders was more competitive than ever. A panel of analysts and industry experts voted from a longlist of nearly 1,200 companies produced by RegTech Analyst, a specialist research firm. Sixty new companies entered the RegTech100 for 2022 and the finalists were recognized for their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, or to generate efficiency improvements across the compliance function.

RegTech Analyst director of research Mariyan Dimitrov said, “Banks and other financial institutions are investing heavily into AI capabilities to automate highly manual regulatory tasks, support digital onboarding processes and monitor for fraudulent activity. The RegTech100 list helps them filter through all the vendors in the market by highlighting the leading companies in sectors such as identity verification, risk management, communications monitoring, information security and financial crime prevention.”

Dubber VP of Sales, Simon Broadbent said, “Dubber’s inclusion on the RegTech100 list is a great display of the confidence the market has in us as a leading provider of unified conversational recording and voice AI to the world’s leading banks and financial institutions.”

A full list of the RegTech100 for 2022 and detailed information about each company is available to download for free at www.RegTech100.com.