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We’re thrilled to announce that Dubber Moments has been honoured as the Platinum Winner in the Best AI Innovation in Telco category at Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2024.  The awards mark our second major industry win since the release of Dubber Moments in June 2023. This accolade follows closely after our “Best…
Dubber Moments Wins CogX Award for Best AI Product in Telecom
Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB), the global leader in conversation intelligence, has been awarded “Best AI Product in Telecom” for Dubber Moments, its revolutionary voice AI solution, at the prestigious CogX Awards in London. The CogX Festival is the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policy makers working together to…
13 Sep 2023
The Year of Ending Not Knowing

The Year of Ending Not Knowing

End the productivity and visibility trap

Unified Call Recording can capture customer calls and automatically log them within a CRM such as Salesforce. But to earn some serious points with your sales team, give them the gift of voice AI. This can act as a personal assistant to your sales reps: transcribing their calls so they never have to take notes ever again.

Recordings and transcripts can be used to inform lead prioritisation, the coaching of team members, and much more.

According to research by Salesforce, 67% of sales people say that enforcement of activity logging is stricter than in 2019, and 63% of reps log more details about customer interactions than they did in 2019. The reality is most sales leaders bemoan the fact that Salesforce isn’t up to date or current. What if you could automate this logging for your sales team and get them back to selling?

For most sales teams this can equate to another day of selling every week. Another day!

End not knowing

Ever wondered what was said? How the customer was really reacting?

Rather than hearsay, how about letting AI tell you.

With sentiment analysis, positive and negative conversations can be identified to coach new and existing team members, create alerts for negative calls, and track campaigns, competitors, or trends in customer enquiries.

Sales teams need to understand the needs of their customers and build trust through listening. But are they being supported by business tools, or being let down by them?

“Sales leaders today are plagued by not knowing and no one likes surprises – particularly at the end of the month or quarter. Customer experience is equally impacted as salespeople transfer what was heard into manual notes and back into CRM platforms. Unified Call Recording accelerates sales momentum – giving back valuable selling time to reps and, critically, ending not knowing. Implementing Unified Call Recording should be a priority for every sales leader.”Russell Evans, CRO, Dubber

Bring it all together

Unified Call Recording enables it all to come together. Every conversation captured from any end-point. No salesperson works on any one device or platform. We jump between Webex, Teams, mobile, and more. So record and capture every conversation and, with them all in one place, seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and your preferred data visualisation dashboard for real-time record keeping and insights. Set alerts on keywords and more.


Dubber Commits to Join IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem

Dubber Commits to Join IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem

Dubber UCR & Voice Intelligence Cloud will help clients unlock benefits of IBM’s open and unified hybrid cloud architecture, built for the telco industry and delivering security, AI-driven automation and end-to-end service orchestration.

Melbourne, Australia – Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber) today announced it has committed to join IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) ecosystem of partners supporting the new IBM Cloud for Telecommunications. The IBM Cloud for Telecommunications is an open, hybrid cloud architecture designed to accelerate business transformation with the power of edge and 5G and address the unique requirements of operators, partner ecosystems and their enterprise clients. Built on IBM Cloud Satellite, currently in beta, and leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, clients can deploy cloud services anywhere: on the cloud, on premises or at the edge, while addressing industry-specific regulatory and security requirements.

Dubber’s Voice Intelligence Cloud will help Service Providers deliver next-generation Unified Call Recording and Voice AI Services on a unified cloud platform. Its Unified Call Recording™ (UCR) solution will integrate and be interoperable with IBM Cloud for Telecommunications and is designed to enable Service Providers to offer solutions critical to their customers addressing compliance mandates, improving sales and service performance and unlocking the possibilities contained within voice data.

“In simple terms, by leveraging IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, Dubber can help enable service providers to differentiate and create value from the conversations occurring on the network by making call recording and voice data as a service (VdaaS) ubiquitous and open,” said James Slaney, co-founder, Dubber. “All conversations can be captured in the Cloud and converted to AI-enriched data. Dubber will make it easy to capture calls – from traditional landlines to 5G services, and end-points provisioned by the Service Provider.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Dubber as part of the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem, to offer telecom operators access to the best technology that can help them scale and innovate.” said Evaristus Mainsah, General Manager, Cloud, Cloud Pak and Edge Ecosystem, IBM. “The power of IBM’s Ecosystem provides clients a wide range of ways to leverage the platform, positioning them to deliver next generation 5G and Edge services; deploy and manage new cloud capabilities; and enrich relationships through AI-driven engagement.”

The IBM Cloud for Telecommunications is engineered to integrate advanced AI and automation processes at the edge and speed services deployment while simultaneously reducing overall costs. With an open, container-based architecture managed as a service, operators and their providers will be able to easily integrate, automate and orchestrate how they run network and IT workloads across any environment. The platform leverages IBM’s industry-leading encryption capabilities like Keep Your Own Key (KYOK), giving clients full control of their data.

Dubber has committed to join the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Ecosystem, an initiative to help network equipment providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), software-as-a-service providers, and hardware partners accelerate business transformation by unlocking the power of 5G and edge. The IBM Cloud for Telecommunications is an open, hybrid cloud architecture built on IBM Cloud Satellite, currently in beta, and leverages Red Hat OpenShift to enable clients to deploy IBM Cloud services anywhere: on the cloud, on premises or at the edge, while addressing industry-specific regulatory and security requirements. Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.

For more information, please contact:


Simon Hinsleysimon.hinsley@dubber.net

+61 (0) 401 809 653


Terry Albersteinterry@navigatecommunication.com.au

+61 (0) 458 484 921

Dubber Launches Global Channel Partner Program for Cisco Resellers

Dubber Launches Global Channel Partner Program for Cisco Resellers

  • Dubber on Cisco eliminates cost, complexity and risks of legacy call recording and unlocks possibilities of voice data at scale
  • Dubber Cisco Reseller Program includes access to market development funds (MDF), competitions, dedicated channel support, and access to incremental commission incentives

Melbourne, Australia, and Dallas, Texas, 2 December 2020 — Dubber today unveiled a Global Partner Program for Cisco and its resellers, supporting the recently announced availability of its Unified Call Recording (UCR) and Voice AI solution on major Cisco voice platforms. Dubber is the recording and data capture platform natively integrated into the Cisco Webex Calling Cloud Collaboration suite.

The only solution integrated and interoperable with Cisco Webex Calling, Dubber enables customers to address critical compliance mandates, improve sales and service performance, and unlock the possibilities contained within voice data. Integrated and interoperable with Cisco – and running in the Cloud. Dubber eliminates the need for costly hardware, services and lock-in contracts.

To support global customer demand, Dubber has launched a global channel program specifically for Cisco resellers that includes a dedicated portal, support programs and sales incentives.

“The integration of Dubber into the Cisco Webex Calling Collaboration suite is globally significant for Dubber and has fostered a commercial relationship that is second to none,” said Adrian Di Pietrantonio, Co-Founder & EVP, Global Channels and Alliances at Dubber. “For Cisco resellers and partners, selling UCR inside Cisco’s voice solutions creates great opportunities. It accelerates any partner’s time to market and increases revenue and customer retention, and speeds their customer’s time to outcomes. With this new partner program, we can break the limitations of application-specific legacy call recording and unlock the possibilities of voice data and AI across the most important Cisco voice services.”

The Dubber on Cisco Reseller Program includes competitions, access to significant market development funds, dedicated channel support, and access to incremental commission incentives. “We’ve made the Dubber on Cisco Reseller Program as simple and easy to access as Dubber itself,” added Di Pietrantonio. “Within hours resellers can be increasing total contract values, increasing commissions through Dubber benefits, rewarding team members for engaging in training, and differentiating like never before from the competition.”


  • Available for Cisco resellers, distributors or systems integrators (SIs) currently selling Cisco Webex Calling, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)
  • Dubber is live and adopted as a core network service across Cisco’s Webex Calling, CUCM, UCM-Cloud, HCS, Broadworks and WX Carrier platforms
  • Access more information on Dubber on Cisco
  • Interested resellers can register to join introductory Dubber on Cisco webinars
Disputes? Resolved.

Disputes? Resolved.

The most important conversations happen over the phone: the deal you want to close, the urgent task that requires attention, and the complaint you want resolved. Unfortunately, unlike emails, there isn’t a paper trail that shows exactly what was said. Until now.

Get concrete evidence of what was said

Companies who do the majority of their business over the phone (did you know that 60% of customers prefer to call small businesses on the phone?) may struggle to find accurate proof of what was said between them and their customers. By relying on note-taking during a call, human error is inevitable. Without concrete evidence of the conversation, orders can be incorrectly fulfilled and customers can misremember what was discussed over the phone.

The solution to these challenges is a secure and scalable call recording solution that supports a businesses communications system – whether that’s fixed lines, hosted IP telephony, mobile devices, or solutions such as Microsoft Teams. With accurate proof of what was said, businesses can ensure better quality control in their order fulfillment and be better placed to resolve disputes. With AI transcription, it becomes even easier to find evidence of a conversation.

The ability to replay calls or refer to transcripts is only useful when they can be instantly retrieved. Keeping a customer waiting while you perform slow and painful SQL search just isn’t going to cut it in a world where everyone expects instant results. Businesses need to make sure they have real-time access to recordings for quick and efficient customer service.

Learn from unhappy customers

Recorded calls are also invaluable for staff training. Having real-life examples of what kind of calls to expect on the job prepares new employees for life in their role. Recorded calls can also be a great tool for the constant improvement of existing staff – especially with AI-powered sentiment analysis. Calls rated with positive sentiment can demonstrate best practice and can also highlight which employees should be rewarded for their excellent service, while those with negative sentiment can provide examples of unhappy customers and used to work out how to improve in the future.

Not only can recorded calls and their transcripts be useful for staff to refer to, they can also be a really useful tool for accurately sharing information. The ability to pass along a recording to a colleague in order to fulfil an order or solve a problem is invaluable, and recordings and transcripts can also be shared with customers for their information and reassurance.

But what about data protection?

Calls shouldn’t be made available to just anyone, and there must be security measures in place to ensure that files cannot be downloaded and shared with anyone outside the relevant parties. The most secure method of sharing recordings is with expiring links that can only be accessed by the intended recipient. These should prevent playback after a set time period, or a certain number of replays. Call recording solutions should always have access permissions to ensure that calls can only be played by appropriate employees, or supervisors only.

Case study: Dose Moving and Storage

Dose Moving and Storage is a family owned business that provides moving and storage solutions. We spoke to founder Marilee Dose about the company’s experience using Dubber.

Dubber: What was the challenge that brought you to choosing Dubber?

Marilee Dose: We wanted a record of all of our conversations with customers for improved dispute resolution, quality control, and training.

D: How did Dubber help you solve this problem?

MD: Recording our calls not only gives us concrete proof of what was said to customers, we can also securely share recordings with them so they can refresh their memory. This has been invaluable when disputes with customers arise. The ability to replay conversations has been instrumental in improving quality control within the business and we have also used recorded calls to enhance our staff training.

D: What was the process of going live with Dubber like?

MD: Dubber is very user friendly and reliable. We found the portal easy to use and we had the peace of mind that every call was automatically recorded and could be retrieved instantly.

If you’d like to learn more about how businesses are improving dispute resolution with Dubber, speak to a member of the team today.

Unlock Sales Productivity

Unlock Sales Productivity

How would your sales performance improve if you gave every salesperson back five, ten or more hours every week?

One of the first places to start is reducing admin, manual and inaccurate record keeping, and searching for what was said. While effectively documenting sales activities can be vital to ensuring customer needs are addressed and performance is monitored and improved it doesn’t need to be done by hand.

End not knowing

What if you knew what was actually said? In customer-facing roles, such as those in sales or customer service departments, time can often be wasted trying to ascertain or prove what was said during a previous conversation. In order to end not knowing, sales teams need a call recording solution that captures 100% of calls for evidence of conversations. And that’s just the beginning. If a solution has added voice AI that can transcribe speech to text, a full transcript can accompany a recording for an accurate record of exactly what was said.

Things get even more interesting when you introduce an open API to the picture. This allows developers to facilitate integrations with existing business tools and applications, including CRM systems. Call recordings and their transcripts can be stored within a customer account for detailed and accurate records of every interaction the business has had with a contact.

Discover instantly

Rather than scouring manual notes or looking at inaccurate records in Salesforce, what if every conversation was captured as it was said? Sales teams would no longer waste time doing detective work to confirm agreements or resolve disputes – their time can now be spent generating revenue for the business. With absolute proof of what was said, sales reps can refer to a recording or transcript without delay. With a user-friendly interface, or integration with a CRM application, salespeople could even refer to a previous conversation with a customer while they are talking to them on the phone.

Coach and train based on real customer conversations

Recording sales conversations creates a bank of real-life examples of customer calls, which makes ideal training material for new employees. With the addition of sentiment analysis, calls rated with positive or negative scores can be easily identified to show successful customer interactions, and the kind of negative calls they might encounter.

Case study: DeSpir Logistics

DeSpir Logistics combines the best practices of logistics and technology to pioneer a new method of secure transportation logistics. We spoke to Sierra Villarreal, who covers security and compliance, to hear more about how Dubber saves the company time.

Dubber: What was the challenge that brought you to choosing Dubber?

Sierra Villarreal: We wanted a record of our calls in order to have a record of what was agreed upon during conversations with customers.

D: How did Dubber help you solve this problem?

SV: Dubber provided a great, affordable solution that meant we had a record of every agreement made over the phone. We can get to the facts on the first phone call; instead of wasting many hours following up on phone calls and emails trying to prove something was said on a phone call.

We also use calls to help with training new and existing employees on certain situations, calls, questions, etc. Most of all, we SAVE time!! We are no longer paying employees to spend hours investigating claims a customer made on a phone that wasn’t recorded. We can now use that time on sales. The company is saving money due to investigation hours reducing because of Dubber!!!

D: What was the process of going live with Dubber like?

SV: The Dubber portal is extremely user friendly. The easy to use solution makes it easy to retrieve a call in seconds, even while on a call with a customer, meaning we can reference a conversation to confirm details of agreements and resolve any disputes with customers with absolute proof of exactly what was said.

If you’d like to learn more about how businesses save time with Dubber, speak to a member of the team today.

Four ways resellers can differentiate themselves in every Microsoft Teams deal today.

Four ways resellers can differentiate themselves in every Microsoft Teams deal today.

With workforces more dispersed than ever before and the number of communication devices and collaboration applications multiplying, customers are demanding solutions that answer their needs for improved visibility and meeting compliance mandates, without the constraints of legacy or app based call recording.

In parallel, resellers and solution providers are looking for new sources of differentiation and value creation opportunities for their clients.Dubber has answered these challenges by launching the first compliant unified call recording solution, with AI-enriched insights and alerts for Microsoft Teams. Dubber is now available to automatically record every conversation on Microsoft Teams, and it’s in the Cloud so it can be turned on with a click.

Here are four ways every partner or reseller can create value for their clients and differentiate themselves using Dubber on Microsoft Teams right now:

  1. Meet compliance and regulatory mandates Dubber provides the secure and compliant capture of voice data from all Microsoft Teams calls that meets strict data and privacy regulations. Customers can comply with Know Your Customer and regulatory requirements through alerts, keyword searches and reporting with easy to access, accurate records of every conversation. Dubber also provides the ability to set retention rules and quickly undertake granular investigations into rogue operators.
  2. Improve customer experience and outcomes Dubber captures 100% of all Microsoft Teams calls giving customers total visibility of customer conversations. Customers can use Dubber’s voice AI to generate deep sentiment analysis, notifications on keywords (such as “cancel account”, or competitors’ names) to reduce churn and improve customer experience and outcomes.
  3. Eliminate cost and complexity of legacy and app-based call recordingDubber lives in the cloud, which means infinite scalability, data sovereignty, and no additional costs – just one flexible and easy to change monthly subscription. Dubber can be switched on and recording instantly. There’s no need to implement costly, time-consuming and complex on-premise hardware.
  4. Increase sales and service productivityBoost sales productivity by eliminating inaccuracy, delays and lost productivity of manual call recording and note taking. Gain real-time access to call content with instant reporting and notifications on key sales indicators (sentiment, tone, keywords, and categories). Easily integrate recordings, transcriptions and insights with Salesforce, dashboards and other applications.

For any Microsoft Teams Partner, Dubber provides an opportunity to help businesses of any size address customer requirements in regulatory compliance and Know Your Customer mandates; document crucial conversations; understand customer satisfaction in real-time; and improve staff productivity.

All this adds-up to increased revenue, retention and value creation opportunities for Microsoft Teams Partners.

The first step to supercharging your Microsoft Teams sales is to join us for a free 60 minute webinar to learn the value of Dubber on Microsoft Teams. You’ll see Dubber in action and how customers are using it today – often to eliminate the costs and risks of alternatives. We’d love you to join us! Be one of the first 50 to register and attend, and win a $50 Visa Gift Card!

Click here for a schedule of dates for each region and registration details. Register Now

If you are a Microsoft Teams customer and would like to add Dubber services to your platform, it’s easy. Get in touch here: www.dubber.net/microsoft-teams-customer or contact your Microsoft Teams Partner for more information.

If you are a Microsoft Teams Partner and would like more information on how Dubber services can help you increase sales and reduce customer churn, visit our link for resellers here: www.dubber.net/microsoft-teams-reseller

Dubber unveils unified call recording and voice AI solution for Microsoft Teams.

Dubber unveils unified call recording and voice AI solution for Microsoft Teams.

Automatically record and transform every conversation on Microsoft Teams into rich voice data for compliance, CX, evidence and performance improvement

Eliminate the cost, complexity and risks of legacy call recording and unlock the benefits of voice data at scale

Dubber unveils global channel program for Microsoft Channel Partners & Resellers

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber), today announced the global launch of Dubber Unified Recording on Microsoft Teams, supported by a new and tailored global channel partner and reseller program.

Unified Call Recording is a first of a kind capability for Microsoft Teams enabled by Dubber’s unique ability to capture any conversation – voice or video — on Microsoft Teams in the cloud – and to aggregate recordings, data, insights and alerts from service provider and unified communications platforms, compliantly, in one place.

Microsoft Teams is one of the world’s fastest growing team collaboration suites, and has over 75 million daily active users. Dubber allows Teams customers to automate voice recording at scale from any device with no need for hardware. Unified call recording and voice AI are a key enabler of compliance, customer satisfaction and sales performance – delivering real-time insights, sentiment analysis, alerts, beautiful transcriptions and more.

Dubber announced an extensive global channel partner program for Microsoft partners including partner incentives with support, deployment, and training resources.

“COVID has dramatically accelerated the demand globally for unified communications solutions”, said Steve McGovern, CEO Dubber. “As workforces have dispersed and network end-points multiplied the demand for automated call recording at scale has become essential to addressing regulatory requirements and enterprise-wide visibility. With Dubber supporting Microsoft Teams via our global platform, users can activate recording immediately in the cloud – eliminating the need to build solutions or buy hardware.”

McGovern added, “Microsoft Teams customers and resellers now have access to the industry leading platform used by over 140 service providers worldwide. It’s now possible to unify call recording on these networks and Microsoft Teams into the centralised Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud. Our integration with Microsoft Teams advances Dubber as the preeminent and de facto cloud-based unified call recording solution for communications providers – and as a source of differentiation and value for resellers globally.”

Background, Dubber on Microsoft Teams:

Available for order now from Dubber and registered Dubber resellers & partners

Dubber is live and can be easily activated on Microsoft Teams

Flexible plans start as low as AU$9.95 per month.

Dubber for MS Teams currently supports Voice Unified Call Recording (UCR) with Video and Screen Share UCR to be available in December 2020.

Access more information on Dubber on Microsoft Teams.

Interested resellers can register to join introductory Dubber on Microsoft Teams webinars.

About Dubber:Dubber is globally recognised as the Cloud Call Recording and Data Capture platform for Communications Service & Solution Providers and as integral to their Unified Communications offering. Dubber’s unique technology enables call recording to be delivered as a service and turns voice calls into data enabling broad-reaching AI services to be deployed at scale directly from a Carrier network – or from inside a Solution Providers infrastructure. Dubber services are presented either in the brand of the Carrier or as Dubber products. Founded in 2011, Dubber is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with operations in the USA and Europe.

Trademark reference: “Microsoft” and “Microsoft Teams” are registered names and trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

This ASX release has been approved for release to ASX by Steve McGovern, CEO & Managing Director.

For more information, please contact:

InvestorsSimon Hinsleysimon.hinsley@dubber.net+61 (0) 401 809 653

MediaTerry Albersteinterry@navigatecommunication.com.au+61 (0) 458 484 921

Do more with every call on Cisco

Do more with every call on Cisco

Cisco customers across their Webex® Calling, UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services can unlock the power of voice data with Unified Call Recording and voice AI from Dubber. Automatically capture any call, receive a complete transcript, and access insights – from keyword alerts to sentiment analysis. You can even automate workflows and export data to dashboards and applications like Salesforce and Tableau through Dubber’s open API.

Legacy call recording and analytics restricted basic call recording to specific applications and a limited range of devices – often requiring costly storage and with poor scaling potential. Dubber is fully native to Cisco Webex® Calling and can support UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services too. As a cloud platform, Dubber’s Unified Call Recording doesn’t require any on-premise hardware or software: radically reducing costs and unlocking infinite scalability. Whether you’re considering moving to the cloud, or you want to future-proof your on-premise or hybrid solution, Dubber call recording is available to you. We create the ideal cloud environment, all in one solution.

Four things you can do when you turn calls into data

Unified Call Recording from Dubber is optimized for compliance with regulatory directives such as MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, PCI DSS, and Cisco’s CASPRx. But the benefits don’t end there. Many businesses are choosing to record their calls to learn more about their customers and to identify opportunities to reduce churn, sharpen investment decisions, and inform business development.

Transforming calls into data through transcription opens up huge potential for analysis and allows voice data to be integrated with existing business systems:

  1. Faster time to conversations and activity: Quickly review transcriptions and use instant search to find conversations
  2. Instantly report on customer and employee experience: See sentiment ratings for every conversation, including individual emotions
  3. Unify voice data with big data: Export call data for analysis within data visualization tools. Integrate call data within Salesforce and other CRM tools to build detailed customer profiles
  4. Real-time alerting and notifications: Monitor when keywords are spoken during a call to track campaigns or potential issues. Create automated alerts for negative calls to help reduce churn and increase customer loyalty

How easy is it to connect?

Getting the benefits of Unified Call Recording and AI takes minutes and requires no on-premise equipment or storage. It’s as easy as using your existing Cisco solution.

If you’re considering call recording for your Webex® Calling, UCM-C, HCS, or CUCM solution, sign up today by ordering directly from Cisco – we’re listed on Cisco Commerce Web (CCW).

You can also talk to one of our team if you’d like more information. And, if you are a Cisco reseller, we’re here to help you.

Get the sales edge

Get the sales edge

With a dispersed workforce, collaboration can feel difficult to achieve. Remote workers can often feel separated from their colleagues and their visibility of business operations can feel restricted. In departments that have a lot of direct contact with customers, this can cause customer interactions to feel disjointed.

Collaboration is critical to sales

According to Salesforce’s State of Sales report, 77% of sales teams rate collaboration across departments as critical or very important to the sales process. Customers increasingly expect salespeople to be informed about any previous interactions with a business, even if this was with a different department. Having complete visibility of a customer’s journey with the company is invaluable when trying to understand their needs and how they can be met.

An interconnected way of working with colleagues and other departments within a business can lead to the discovery of new opportunities. It is becoming increasingly common for sales and customer service teams to securely share information with each other to work more effectively. When customer interactions are correctly documented within a CRM such as Salesforce, everyone with access to a customer account can assess how well that account is performing, and understand the status of the relationship with that customer.

End not knowing with a record of customer interactions

Of course, documenting customer interactions takes time and effort. What if you had a solution that captured every single customer call, even when they were handled by a remote worker on their mobile device, or over an IP connection? And, even better, those calls were fully transcribed by speech-to-text AI for an accurate record of exactly what was said?

Where traditional call recording solutions rely on expensive on-premise storage, and only capture a small fraction of calls made across a business. Unified Call Recording captures voice conversations directly from the service provider network, and from communication solutions such as Microsoft Teams. With work no longer confined to an office or contact centre, companies who are looking for complete visibility across their business are looking for agile communication solutions that match our new dispersed way of working.

Keeping customer data secure

It is important that collaboration does not compromise on data security. While sharing detailed records of customer conversations can benefit sales and customer service teams, it is vital that customer information is not shared with more parties than necessary. Businesses should look for a solution that allows for secure sharing of data. Audio files should not be downloaded, as this could open up risks for the data being shared with multiple parties. Instead, sharing should be undertaken with expiring links that only allow access for that user, with a restricted time period and a cap on the number of playbacks.

Organisations should also check that any solution allows for the creation of teams with specific access permissions. Depending on the requirements of the team, recordings may only be accessed by supervisors with administrator controls, or may be shared with other team members for greater visibility over customer interactions.

Case study: APAC-Central

APAC-Central, Inc. supplies materials, paving and construction services across Northwest Arkansas, the Arkansas River Valley, Oklahoma and Southwestern Missouri. We spoke to their IT systems analyst Dustin Bowden about how Dubber has facilitated collaboration across the business.

Dubber: What was the challenge that brought you to choosing Dubber?

Dustin Bowden: We wanted a call recording solution that was compatible with our new phone system to ensure our customers are billed correctly.

D: How did Dubber help you solve this problem?

DB: The Dubber solution gives us the ability to error check ourselves after taking an order. If a dispatcher gets a call and then can’t remember a detail when inputting the order, they can just check the recording rather than calling the customer back. The team like that they have the ability to share recordings as well as being able to set up teams. This means they can reference each other’s recordings when talking to a customer who has previously spoken to a different representative.

D: What was the process of going live with Dubber like?

DB: I have received great customer service. Paul has been very helpful with everything we needed to get up and going. The Dubber system is easy to use and our users like it better than what we used on our old phone system. It fits seamlessly with our phone systems: it just works, and works well.