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Connecting during COVID
21 July 2020

Dispersed workforces, remote call centres, and increasing customer and employee connections across mobile devices. These are just a few of the impacts of COVID-19. Hallway conversations, listening in, and on premise systems once gave leaders some insight to the conversations taking place between employees, customers, and suppliers. For many that has become difficult, if not impossible. Costly and limited on-premise call and conversation capture can’t keep up. A move from legacy call recording to the cloud has become a priority.

With a remote workforce, enterprises are asking how to capture crucial conversations. The number of IP connections has grown rapidly with more calls occurring remotely than on premise. However, regulatory demands remain in place: requiring secure, long-term storage of calls. Enterprises are looking for keyword reporting, sentiment analysis, and accurate and accessible transcriptions to quickly view call data, and receive custom alerts.

Accelerating to the cloud

This change is reflected in the broader shift to cloud-based solutions. Where this was once part of a longer-term digital transformation strategy, it has now become accelerated. 93% of IT decision makers are moving their cloud adoption programmes forward. Budgets will be shifted towards cloud solutions that facilitate our new way of working, with 52% seeing an increase due to the pandemic.

Optimised for remote work

We created Dubber to enable any business conversation to be captured and converted to actionable insights, no matter where it takes place. We couldn’t have imagined a scenario like COVID-19, where a dispersed workforce would make cloud call recording so critical.

With automated provisioning and no need for on-premise equipment or management, we make it easy for businesses looking to move to the cloud. We can even migrate historic recordings to cloud storage to ensure minimal risk and disruption as this change takes place. From then on, businesses can be assured that their communications can continue as normal, no matter where their employees are working from.

Business insights from a dispersed workforce

While our cloud call recording means that compliance mandates can still be met regardless of where staff are working from, this is just the beginning. Our voice AI is where businesses see real value. They are identifying opportunities to reduce churn, sharpening investment decisions, and improving the quality of conversations with customers. All this from the data held within their voice calls.

Four voice data imperatives

  1. Call recording isn’t the answer. It’s an answer, but not the answer. Voice data remains one of the great untapped opportunities in the enterprise. To unlock the data within is where the answers lie.
  2. AI isn’t just a convenient buzzword. When talking about AI, most call recording vendors are referring to transcription. This is just the first step. The real imperative at the heart of Dubber is using AI to enable advanced analytics, workflow management, sentiment analysis, and more.
  3. Break free of application, storage and device silos. Legacy call recording platforms imposed high-costs, limited storage, and restricted call capture. This only gave enterprises a partial view of what was happening, and locked data into proprietary dashboards. Our open APIdata exporter, and application integrations allow you to use call data across your business.
  4. Secure your voice data. We capture voice data at the network level, and secure it with market-leading technology. Recording to local storage or application clouds outside of your control is high risk. Your voice data is as important as any other data, and should be protected.

The voice data revolution is just getting started. Getting your voice data strategy right today sets you up for long-term success and will help bridge the distance created by COVID-19.

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