It's time to Dub on Telstra

Andy Lark

Andy Lark

5 August 2020

It's time to Dub on Telstra

We’re very excited today to be announcing general availability of Dubber Unified Call Recording and voice data intelligence on Telstra’s TIPT, Liberate and SIP services in Australia.

Telstra TIPT, Liberate and SIP have stood out as some of the most reliable and efficient ways to connect with customers. Now Government and Enterprise can double the value of those connections by putting the content in every call to work - improving customer experience, mitigating risks, and improving productivity.

For the first time, companies in Australia can easily purchase cloud based call recording across any connected device - including mobile, for their entire business, with no expensive hardware costs, software to install or costly storage to manage.

Legacy Enterprise call recording has traditionally been limited to call centre environments, doesn’t scale easily and only captures a small number of the calls made. These limits made it difficult for Enterprises in regulated industries to comply; critical activities such as customer sentiment reporting and knowing your customer couldn’t occur in a timely way; and integration with applications and Big Data were restricted. Covid-19 further exposed its weaknesses as businesses missed capturing and converting calls from mobile devices and a dispersed workforce.

Now, with Dubber’s infinitely scalable cloud platform and Voice Intelligence Cloud being integrated into Telstra’s TIPT and Liberate products, companies can turn on call recording on demand, for any user. Flexible plans mean they can scale-up or down easily, and it works for sole traders, SMBs and the largest of Government and Enterprises.

This opens up whole new opportunities for businesses to understand voice data and gain valuable insights into their business. Want to understand call sentiment for every branch location in a bank, or franchisee outlet? That can easily be done using Dubber’s in-built sentiment analysis tools. Want to have a transcript of important customer calls integrated into Salesforce? Easily done as a standard part of Dubber’s service. Running a medium sized financial planning firm and need to record landline and mobile customer advice calls for ASIC record keeping and compliance purposes? We’ve got you covered.

Once a company starts deploying “whole of business” call recording, they can also take advantage of valuable insights from their voice data using advanced artificial intelligence and speech analytics tools. Want to trigger notifications every time a competitor is mentioned in a voice call inside the business? How about triggering a direct mail campaign offer to a bank customer every time a customer mentions “credit card” on a voice call? All of this is possible and much more when businesses are able to use the information inside their company from voice data.

And there are great opportunities for Telstra channel partners too. We believe that Dubber cloud call recording services can drive significant new demand for TIPT, Liberate and SIP services. Liberate in particular, is the first mobile service in the country that will have network layer, integrated call recording available.

We call this the “democratisation” of call recording for businesses and individual users. It will completely change the call recording industry in the months and years ahead.

If you are a Telstra Liberate or TIPT customer and would like to add Dubber services to your platform, it’s easy. Get in touch here: or contact your Telstra sales team or value-added reseller for more information. If you are a Telstra channel reseller and would like more information on how Dubber services can help you increase sales and reduce customer churn, visit our link for resellers here:


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