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We’re thrilled to announce that Dubber Moments has been honoured as the Platinum Winner in the Best AI Innovation in Telco category at Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2024.  The awards mark our second major industry win since the release of Dubber Moments in June 2023. This accolade follows closely after our “Best…
Dubber Moments Wins CogX Award for Best AI Product in Telecom
Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB), the global leader in conversation intelligence, has been awarded “Best AI Product in Telecom” for Dubber Moments, its revolutionary voice AI solution, at the prestigious CogX Awards in London. The CogX Festival is the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policy makers working together to…
13 Sep 2023
September 2023 Quarterly Activities Report

September 2023 Quarterly Activities Report

Melbourne, Australia: 26 October 2023 – Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX:DUB) (‘Dubber’
or ‘the Company’), the unified call recording and conversation intelligence platform designed
for global Communication Service and Solution Providers, today released its Q1 FY24
Appendix 4C and is pleased to provide this Quarterly Activities Report.

Q1 FY24 Highlights
● Revenue of $9.8m in Q1 FY24 up 10% on Q4 FY23 and 46% on Q1 FY23.
● Run-rate of $5m quarterly cash savings from FY23 restructuring programme
achieved in the quarter with operating cash costs including finance lease
repayments1 of $17.2m in the quarter, down 8% from $18.6m in Q4 FY23.
● Net operating cash outflows including finance lease repayments1 of $8.2m in Q1
FY24, down 3% from Q4 FY23 and down 20% on pcp.
● Operating cash receipts for the quarter were $9.0m, down 12% on Q4 FY23, and
down 5% on pcp reflecting expected seasonality.
● Capital raise undertaken raised $9.1m (net of issue costs) in the quarter.
● Cash on hand at 30 September 2023 was $33.7m.
● Deployment of Dubber Moments (Artificial Intelligence) solutions to customers
underway in the quarter.
● Dubber Moments recognised as ‘Best AI Product in Telecom’ at prestigious CogX
● Cisco Foundation programme moves to advanced revenue tier due to increased
● Continued market penetration with new network agreements signed across the
Americas, Europe and APAC in the quarter, with 210+ Communication Service
Providers agreements in place at 30 September 2023.
● The Company reiterates its previously advised expectations for FY24 of revenue of
$45m and costs of $65m (excluding share based payments, goodwill impairment and
FX gains/losses).

Dubber and Alianza Collaborate to Elevate Cloud Communications for CSPs Worldwide

Dubber and Alianza Collaborate to Elevate Cloud Communications for CSPs Worldwide

Dubber & Alianza Collaborate to Elevate Cloud Communications for CSPs Worldwide
Cloud communications provider makes cutting-edge conversational intelligence available to a network of over 200 communication service providers

DALLAS and MELBOURNE – October 10, 2023 – Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB), the global leader in conversational intelligence and capture, today announced a new strategic alliance with Alianza, the communications cloud for service providers, in which Dubber will be providing state-of-the-art conversational intelligence solutions into the Alianza platform. This new offering will assist in extending the benefits of AI-driven insights to a platform of more than 200 communication service providers (CSPs).

Redefining Communication with AI

As a leading cloud communications company with a diverse range of CSP customers, from emerging to established Tier 1 providers, Alianza is dedicated to driving innovation for its service providers.

With the integration of Dubber’s suite of capture tools and AI-driven insights, Alianza will equip CSPs with cutting-edge capabilities to put them at the forefront of the global shift towards conversational intelligence. This includes unified recording, in-depth analytics, and voice AI, enabling service providers to extract maximum value from communication data and provide end users with services that are uniquely differentiated.

“Dubber provides innovative, value-added services to our service providers as an integrated part of Alianza’s robust cloud communications product suite,” said Dag Peak, Chief Product Officer, Alianza. “Dubber’s market-leading ability to provide unified call recording and advanced analytics at scale complements our cloud-native solution perfectly.”

Leveling the Playing Field

In an era where artificial intelligence is allowing smaller players in the market to leverage the capabilities of industry giants, Alianza’s decision to make advanced conversational intelligence available to its CSPs is both strategic and timely. This new partnership allows Dubber to extend its leading conversational intelligence solutions to Alianza’s extensive CSP customer base, furthering the company’s mission to ensure businesses extract valuable insights from their communications.

Dubber’s approach goes beyond transcription by using AI to capture content and transform pivotal points in conversations into actionable insights. This helps service providers differentiate their business, innovate, and monetize their networks.

“Alianza is well known in our industry for their relentless focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. They have invested significant resources in building their own truly cloud-native, carrier-grade communications platform built for service providers and their customers,” said Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber. “Like Dubber, Alianza recognizes the value of delivering a cloud platform to service providers and our companies share a common vision of where our industry is headed. As voice data capture becomes increasingly critical for service providers and end-users alike, we look forward to working closely with their team to provide Dubber’s platform-as-a-feature and call recording capabilities as an integral part of their Business Cloud Communications solution.”

About Dubber:

Dubber, the global leader in network based conversation intelligence, offers cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance communications for end users and benefit our Communication Service Provider (CSP) partners. Listed on the ASX, the company’s innovative cloud platform connects to over 205 CSPs, capturing crucial information from voice, video, chat, and SMS data, also known as ‘Moments.’ By harnessing advanced capture and AI technologies, Dubber transforms these moments into valuable business insights, enabling CSPs to differentiate, innovate, and monetize their networks.

About Alianza:

Alianza is the communications cloud for service providers. We help our customers supercharge growth, reduce costs, and transform into modern techcos. With Alianza, service providers can navigate the end of the softswitch era and upgrade to a cloud-native solution to power both legacy voice and next-gen cloud communications services — including cloud meetings, collaboration, and text messaging. Our team of experts are passionate about simplifying service delivery and ensuring first-rate customer experiences for more than 200 service providers. Learn more about our solutions at www.alianza.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more information, contact:
Dubber Investors and APAC Media
Terry Alberstein terry@navigatecommunication.com.au
+61 (0) 458 484 921

Dubber Americas and EMEA Media
Jake Galland – Account Manager, TFD, jake@wearetfd.com
+44 7780 866874

Alianza, Inc. Media
Justin Cooper
Executive Vice President, Marketing

Investor Day 2023 Video

Investor Day 2023 Video

October 4 | Dubber HQ, 2 Russell St Melbourne

Dubber was pleased to host its’ first investor day, held at Dubber’s Melbourne HQ. Investors had the opportunity to get a deeper and broader understanding of the business by hearing from and engaging with key management and executives.

In case you missed it, you can watch the replay here.

Annual Report to Shareholders 2023

Annual Report to Shareholders 2023

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX:DUB) the leading conversation capture and intelligence platform for service providers and their customers globally, today released its Annual Report to Shareholders for the year ending 30 June 2023.

Dubber Moments Wins CogX Award for Best AI Product in Telecom

Dubber Moments Wins CogX Award for Best AI Product in Telecom

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB), the global leader in conversation intelligence, has been awarded “Best AI Product in Telecom” for Dubber Moments, its revolutionary voice AI solution, at the prestigious CogX Awards in London.

The CogX Festival is the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policy makers working together to address the biggest questions, achievements and challenges of the influential technologies shaping our future. The awards ‘celebrate change makers and innovators impacting our world in the last 12 months, those innovators, visionaries, and change makers who are helping us get the next ten years right,’ and are voted on by independent global industry leaders.

Dubber Moments Takes The Prize for “Best AI Product in Telecom”

The recognition of Dubber Moments as a best-in-class AI product is testament to its potential to reshape communication experiences. As a trained AI service, Dubber Moments offers a revolution for communication service providers by unlocking the vast amounts of voice data traversing their networks and providing out-of-the-box insights for their customers.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities, Dubber Moments analyses conversations to pinpoint pivotal moments based on contextual understanding. Actions, complaints, and a variety of additional conversational points can be automatically detected and flagged for action. By identifying these critical segments, Dubber Moments generates immediately relevant insights from voice data.

Rather than simple transcripts, end users and businesses can now enjoy actionable intelligence from every conversation. This has implications for any service provider or business seeking to unlock added insight from their conversations, without the need for large in-house AI budgets and teams. Dubber Moments is connected to the largest service provider networks across the world and empowers them to deliver innovation and differentiation within their offerings.

“We are thrilled to be honoured by CogX for our advancements in delivering AI innovation that has the ability to have significant impact for the telecommunications sector,” said Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber. “Dubber Moments highlights our vision of turning the communications across Service Provider networks into usable data which can then be elevated into Conversation Intelligence products providing game changing value for Service Providers and their customers. ”

Revolutionising Comms

Dubber’s Platform is uniquely designed to capture communications data, at scale, across Service Provider networks and Dubber Moments has the potential to revolutionise the communications industry by creating and delivering content directly from that data with endless user applications.

Dubber Moments can be packaged either as a network feature, embedded and standardised within a telecommunications offering, or as specific insights across an entire business. In either case, Dubber Moments delivers value previously unattainable directly from the network.

The company invested heavily in advanced AI engineering to develop the Dubber platform and the growing Dubber Moments product suite. “We believe that individuals and businesses will have enhanced expectation levels regarding their communications experiences and, for a Service Provider, AI is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a competitive necessity,” said McGovern. “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of conversation intelligence, empowering individuals and organisations with insights that enable smarter and elevated decisions.”

Looking ahead, as part of the continuing evolution of Dubber Moments, near term future product releases will help organisations improve customer experiences, boost team performance, address employee wellbeing and enhance employee engagement.

Dubber Investor Presentation – FY23 Results

Dubber Investor Presentation – FY23 Results

We had the opportunity to take Shareholders through Dubber’s investor presentation providing an overview of FY23 performance and FY24 outlook.

In Conversation with Dr Iain McCowan

In Conversation with Dr Iain McCowan

As someone working in the domain of conversational speech and language AI for over 25 years, from researching speech recognition in smart meeting rooms through to developing commercial products and services, it’s been an incredible journey seeing the technology evolve.


Along the way, I’ve learned that while we often focus on new technological capabilities, real value is only unlocked when we deliver that within a user experience that helps people achieve the actual job that they need to do, or the problem that a business needs to solve.


Another key learning has been that, while technology changes at a rapid pace, the millions of meetings and business calls taking place around the world each day are just conversations between people, and the fundamental nature of conversations never changes. 


Conversations are dynamic interactions that unfold naturally, and so at first glance transcripts lack the readability and structure of authored text documents.  There is, however, an organic structure to all conversations.  They are set within a context, involving people with roles interacting in speaking turns similar to paragraphs in a document. Like chapters in a book, conversations progress through high-level discussion threads or topics, whether imposed by an agenda, or emerging naturally.  


Ultimately, meaningful conversations include key passages worth highlighting – Moments of significance.  Which specific Moments are significant depends on the context of the conversation.  It could be someone saying they will follow up on an item tomorrow, or raising dissatisfaction with a product. 


This perspective led us to develop Moments as a powerful way to deliver practical insights from business conversations.  As our first Moment, we found Complaints have significance to a range of organisations seeking to improve how they serve their customers.  Other Moments are in the pipeline – such as one that detects when staff suffer verbal abuse on a call, helping businesses provide a safer working environment. 


The public awareness of AI skyrocketed with the launch of Chat GPT and now AI is everywhere. These technologies have, however, been steadily evolving over a long period of time.  The Transformer neural network architecture underlying current language models was proposed back in 2017, and models have been steadily growing in capacity since then.  Another big step forward in this field was around 2018 when automatic speech-to-text reached human-level accuracy at transcribing conversations.  


While these things have been brewing for many years, there is no question that in recent months we have witnessed an enormous step forward in the capabilities of Large Language Models.  For me, the biggest change has been the naturalness of the responses these models generate to a broad array of questions or prompts, across industries and languages.  From our perspective, what this means is that we can now distil long call transcripts into readable summaries and key points just like notes a person might have taken.  For an end user this is a game changer – let’s face it, someone rarely has time to read a full transcript, they are mostly interested in just a few key moments.


In my role it’s important to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape.  One way we do this is by fostering strong relationships with key technology partners and university research groups.  This helps us see ahead to what is coming in the near-term as well as over the horizon. This highlights one of the benefits that customers gain from our cloud-based product – we seamlessly deliver the most up to date in AI technology for them to tap into.  For them, it’s out of the box and scalable, without requiring them to invest in people, development or budget to implement, maintain or upgrade.


So while much of the world woke up to AI when Chat GPT was released, our conversation intelligence platform has been in development at Dubber for some time – particularly over the two years since acquiring Notiv.  This platform allows us to deliver cloud-based AI-powered product experiences in a flexible, responsible way.  This has positioned us to quickly launch the Moments product on a global scale through Service Providers. 


Having done the heavy lifting, we’re now in the process of developing and rolling out a range of new Moments.  How do we do this?  We start with market research to define a Moment with value across a broad set of companies.  We then collaborate closely with early adopter customers to evaluate and refine the Moment on their calls, validating the benefit to their business.  An initial customer took 40,000 of their calls through this process, and for the first time they could see what people were complaining about, both at a macro level as well as being able to drill down into a specific conversation, helping them improve their customer experience and business performance.


Who do these use cases apply to? I honestly think the answer is ‘every business’.  From a small business, to mid-size, up to enterprise, every company wants to hear directly from their customers to improve their business. 


Technology evolves, but humans will always communicate through natural language.  With Dubber in the network we can help service providers and their customers unlock the full value of their conversations. The use cases for ‘Moments’ are seemingly endless.  Personally, my favourite moment is seeing one of our customers gain a new insight into their business and then realise that it was hiding in their call data all this time, just waiting to be uncovered!

June 2023 Quarterly Activities Report

June 2023 Quarterly Activities Report

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX:DUB) the leading conversational intelligence and unified recording platform for service providers and their customers globally, today released our Q4 FY23 quarterly report.

Investor Presentation Q4 FY23

Investor Presentation Q4 FY23

We had the opportunity to take Shareholders through Dubber’s investor presentation and why we are so excited about the opportunity ahead of us.