All calls must be recorded

New medicare guidelines

May of 2022, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), mandated specific compliance and recording changes required starting October 1st 2022. The new mandate now requires ALL healthcare agent and broker calls to be securely recorded and stored for no less than 10 years. (Ref: CMS-4192-F).

Dubber is crucial in helping meet this new mandate by providing a secure and compliant way to confidentially record and store all patient and beneficiary voice, video and chat interactions.

Dubber can support healthcare organizations and customers impacted by this new ruling, and help ensure the external and internal duty of care standards are met.

Download the lite paper to learn how Dubber supports compliance with the latest CMS mandate.


Download the Dubber CMS Lite Paper
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75% of conversations at work by 2025 will be recorded and analyzed, enabling the discovery of added organizational value or risk.



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