A must for Connections: our product breakout session

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

9 November 2018

A must for Connections: our product breakout session

Come and learn why Dubber is BroadCloud’s call recording platform and about our voice AI product, Zoe.

Key takeaways:

How to launch BroadCloud Call Recording, powered by Dubber

BroadCloud and BroadWorks on one Dubber platform — available today

See Dubber’s innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Who should attend:

Executives: Learn how Dubber can stimulate revenue growth

Product managers: We’ve done the heavy lifting: call recording is available immediately. Learn about products, apps, support, and everything else you need

Technical: Get to know our single platform for call recording

Dubber Innovation Labs will provide a sneak peek at the newest tech for our Zoe AI and how this is driving voice growth globally.


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