AWS expansion means new horizons for Dubber

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

22 December 2017

AWS expansion means new horizons for Dubber

This week Amazon Web Services (AWS) extended its global reach to France and South Africa, opening in Paris, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. This means exciting potential for Dubber’s cloud call recording: allowing us to record, process, and store calls in new locations.



AWS has launched in France’s capital city Paris, which hosts huge numbers of international organisations from startups to French public institutions. Previously, French organisations could use other AWS EU regions, but with this release, all French users can now process and store their data within France using local infrastructure.

This expansion allows Dubber’s existing customers extended EU coverage and enables French service providers to bring Dubber’s call recording and speech intelligence solutions to new customers all over France.

South Africa

The expansion of AWS continues with its first African connectivity launches, in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, as part of its Direct Connect service. This means that South African users can now establish dedicated network connections to AWS with the same resilience and redundancy as the rest of the AWS network.

Extensions of AWS coverage mean new horizons for Dubber and our cloud call recording services. Dubber can continue our own expansion and welcome new customers as well as offering our existing customers coverage in new locations.


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