Qualtrak Integrates with Dubber

Team Dubber 4

Team Dubber 4

11 November 2016

Qualtrak Integrates with Dubber

Dubber are excited to announce a new partnership with Qualtrak Solutions Ltd, a software company specializing in staff performance monitoring and training solutions for contact centres. Qualtrak’s Coach solution is designed to evaluate call centre agents and use the analysis to improve customer service and training standards. Like Dubber, Coach is a cloud based solution with multi-tenancy, enabling our call recording solution to be easily and seamlessly integrated. The resulting solution provides innovative performance monitoring and staff training, that ultimately can be used to improve a call centre’s customer service.

Research by Harris Interactive discovered that up to 60% of customers would prefer to pay more for a better customer experience, and 86%  have left a company in the past because of bad customer service. These statistics emphasise the indisputable importance of customer service. As technology progresses, competition amongst industries increases as a result. In today’s market, almost every company is faced with strong competition for profits, from at least one rival with a similar product. Customer service has never been more important, and with recent advances in technology there is no longer any justification for an inefficient customer service department.

Costas Johnson, the founder of Qualtrak, believes that the provision of excellent customer service is possible by creating a company culture that is motivated by common high standards, and is achieved through excellent training. Call recording is traditionally used in call centres for training and quality assurance purposes, and is useful in improving customer service. Through use of a cloud based platform, Dubber’s call recording goes above and beyond traditional solutions, and provides call recording with unlimited scalability, high security, no upfront costs, and rapid deployment. It is therefore perfect in assisting high standards of staff training, and ultimately in creating a culture that is motivated by common high standards.  

The Dubber call recording solution helps Coach assess the performance of agents and provide necessary training. Through our innovative extra features, Dubber can also help Coach to identify performance trends. These innovative functions include Dubber’s Intelligence, a suite of analytical tools that can intelligently search through recorded data, tag keywords and monitor the emotions of speakers. Through this additional innovation, Dubber is able to help Coach to reach new standards of staff training and monitoring. The partnership is innovative and functional, and ultimately will help call centres to improve the overall performance of their agents, and gain a reputation for excellent customer service.


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