[Webinar] Is remote-work compromising your call recording compliance?

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

17 February 2021

[Webinar] Is remote-work compromising your call recording compliance?

Achieving compliance with a workforce based from home is the one of the biggest challenges facing financial institutions in 2021.

With compliance mandates changing globally and working from home becoming the new norm, regulated businesses need to understand their call recording requirements and what they need to do to achieve compliance quickly and cost effectively.

The rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other collaboration platforms are leaving enterprises exposed to compliance risks without the right call recording solution in place.

Responding to investigations and the demand to know your customer requires access to large voice data sets that can be created from any end point in the organisation. Those voice data sets need to be rapidly accessed and mined to meet requests.

Compliance surveillance and fraud protection demands are accelerating and becoming more challenging with staff working from home. It’s important to understand how to cost-effectively automate surveillance efforts using voice data derived from every call.

All of this adds up to the need for enterprises to find and quickly deploy the right unified call recording solution to ensure all aspects of regulatory compliance can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

Join our webinar and discover the comprehensive approach to achieving compliance when everyone is working from home.

Join us for our webinar to discover the playbook that leading financial services organisations are using to achieve continuous compliance in 2021, no matter the device, collaboration platform or employee location.

You’ll learn:

  • What your call recording compliance requirements are, and how unified call recording helps you to cost effectively address them

  • How to compliantly deploy collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more and how to choose a call recording solution that won’t leave you at risk

  • How to create fully compliant voice data sets that can be used to drive continuous compliance and automation

  • How to reduce compliance operation costs and accelerate investigations

  • How to utilise Voice AI to efficiently monitor every conversation in the business and identify fraud risk

Who should attend?

This webinar is tailored for risk and compliance officers, business leaders, communications and IT executives.

Sign up now!

EMEA: 2nd March 12pm GMT


Americas: 2nd March 12pm EST


APAC: 2nd March 12pm AEDT https://content.dubber.net/end-compliance-uncertainty-webinar-march2021-APAC


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