Call Recording for Efficiency

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

1 March 2018

Call Recording for Efficiency

What can call recording offer businesses today and in the future? Spoiler alert: it’s so much more than just compliance. Customer service is the way that organisations are differentiating themselves from the competition, and recording calls allows them to truly listen to their customers.


Call recording is no longer reserved for financial institutions or large enterprises. With call recording and speech intelligence available as a service that can be rapidly deployed and adapt to a growing business, every type of organization can benefit from its advantages. Having the ability to replay a conversation and confirm exactly what was said has a variety of use cases, from confirming orders to resolving disputes. Not only is time saved, but customer service is improved.

Streamlining business processes

Recording calls is an ideal way to streamline the recruitment process: conducting an initial interview over the phone and replaying the call to all of the parties involved in the recruitment process is a great way to narrow down applicants quickly and easily. Downloading calls as shareable files or configuring access permissions to allow team leaders to listen back to calls makes the process hassle-free.

Analysis and insight

Data analysis is where call recording really comes into its own. The ability to identify trends over time can give organizations the insight they need to improve their business practices. Tools such as Dubber’s Sentiment, part of our Zoe speech intelligence, can identify negative calls. Common keywords spoken on these calls can show the most frequent complaints received, showing organizations areas that can be improved upon and increasing customer satisfaction. Identifying common questions can also prompt a website update, making answers to these queries easy to find and providing the details that may save customers a phone call.

Call analysis is not only use to discover areas of improvement, it can also identify good performance. Speech intelligence can be applied to measure the impact of sales campaigns, allowing testing of different phrases to see which is most effective. Calls can be examined in relation to sales success, and conversations that are rated positively by Sentiment technology can show which campaigns were well received.

Encouraging reflective working

Customer service staff that consistently transform complaints into positive calls can be identified and rewarded, and their conversations can be replayed in training sessions to show new and existing staff how to handle calls effectively. Scripts can also be developed by analysing which approaches to customer service and sales work best. Call center staff can also listen back to their own calls, encouraging reflective workers and a culture of continuous self-improvement.

Bringing efficiency to businesses of all sizes

The future of communications offers new ways for service providers to appeal to users and their desire to make the most of their communications. By offering the opportunity to release the value within voice communications for all of their users, service providers can use call recording and speech intelligence to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


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