Dubber tips: Find your recordings in seconds

Team Dubber 4

Team Dubber 4

20 August 2019

Dubber tips: Find your recordings in seconds

Accessing and managing recordings is easy with the Dubber portal: available in a browser as well as a mobile and desktop app. The portal lets you review your calls efficiently to get the information you need. Playback and manage all of your calls and, with Dubber AI, view full transcripts and sentiment ratings of every conversation. To make things really easy, we’ve created a series of tips to make sure you’re getting all the benefits of the Dubber platform.

Advanced search capabilities makes it easy to find the recorded call you’re looking for in seconds. With all recordings stored in the cloud, every call is available for retrieval instantly and tools like tagging and filtering mean it’s really easy to find the recording you’re looking for.

Here are a few tips for making the most of our search function:

You can search your recordings by any of the information in the call detail record, including multiple tags that you may have added to your recordings. Or, if you have Dubber AI, you can even search for a word that was spoken during the call. Dubber AI transcribes every call and uses this transcription to allow you to search by keyword.


Department leaders are able to search the calls of their whole team, according to the permissions structures designed by your organisation.


You can apply filters to your searches to make them even more refined. Simply click on the search box drop-down icon in order to filter by the type of recording, specific tags, starred calls, or calls from certain users.


To search using multiple tags, simply add a comma after each search term. You can also filter by date: all you need to do is click in the date box to reveal options from today to last month.

You can even create a custom date range to search within.


Once you’re happy with your filters, click search and Dubber will instantly retrieve all the calls that match your search query.

Watch our video to learn more about how to search and organise your calls

If you’d like to learn more about Dubber’s search functionality, or other features within the portal and mobile app visit our support site.

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