Four alerts every manager needs

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

13 October 2020

Four alerts every manager needs

What if you knew when your most important customer had called your business and wasn’t happy? What if voice content – a call to a mobile, VOIP phone or landline – could be automatically turned into data to generate automated alerts? What if you could end not knowing and have critical insight that has so far not been available?

Here’s a quick look at Dubber automated alerts and four ways you might use them.

How automated alerts work

Automated alerts are powered by AI that converts every call to data (and delivers call transcripts to enhance customer records). Each element of the conversation, as well as the whole call, is rated by sentiment. You can set alerts for sentiment scores, call participants, keywords, or even specific emotions. These can be sent by email, but are also available as a RESThook option to automate processes.

  1. Churn risks

Customer service managers want complete visibility over negative calls, those that contain a competitor’s name, or conversations containing words like ‘cancel’ in order to follow up with these customers.

  1. Campaign penetration

To track the success of a campaign, marketing managers can receive alerts for the product or campaign name. They can even automate reporting to monitor trends.

  1. VIP customers

A sales manager can set up alerts for their most valuable customers to ensure they have visibility over important accounts. They can automate processes such as task creation within a CRM.

  1. Non-compliance risks

Supervisors can receive alerts when keywords associated with non-compliant behaviour are spoken during a conversation in order to detect policy breaches and other risks.

Automating alerting and notifications on any conversation is crucial to improving customer experience, accelerating dispute resolution, complying with local and global mandates, and improving business performance. Talk to a member of the team today to find out more about automated alerts.


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