Improve Customer Retention with Call Recording

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

17 September 2018

Improve Customer Retention with Call Recording

Many service providers are missing out on customer retention opportunities by not offering their customers call recording solutions that can help their business. As more and more organisations are looking for call recording solutions to help them comply with various industry regulations, they are searching for long-term storage options that ensure they are covered for compliance. As well as traditional compliance customers, other businesses are realising the value of recording their calls and accessing the data held within them.


Enable your customers to keep their recordings for longer

By providing customers with the opportunity to keep their calls for as long as they want, not just the 90 days typically offered by many call recording solutions, Dubber is giving service providers the gift of customer retention. Perpetual storage is an ideal option for organisations in industries such as financial services, who are required by regulatory bodies to store their recorded calls for up to 7 years. Long-term storage is not confined solely to companies who record their calls for compliance. Retaining an entire history of recorded calls produces a valuable store of conversational data that can be analysed to uncover business insights.

Storing calls with Dubber is easy. As the world’s only true cloud call recording platform, our storage is not only only secure and geo-redundant but also offers the peace of mind that there are no limitations. Once customers discover the value held within their voice communications, they want to stick with the provider who can offer them the option to access their voice data at any time.

Expand your customer base with productised storage

Dubber have changed the business models of telecommunications service providers by productising call recording storage. Making long-term and perpetual storage options available through affordable monthly subscriptions, these services become available to an expanded customer base who can finally release the value held within their voice communications. By providing these long-term options, service providers can protect against customer loss as organisations commit to secure and reliable storage for their calls. Customers are unlikely to want the hassle of migrating to another solution, when the ease of use and functionality of Dubber allows them to interact with all of their calls, instantly.

Short-term call recording options

Alongside our perpetual and long-term storage options, we also offer packages with shorter storage lengths to suit all budgets. Our Always On call recording storage options begin at 3 months and we offer a variety of flexible packages that can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the customer.

Find out how to keep your customers for longer with Dubber. Speak to one of our representatives today.

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