Product release news - July 2020: data exporter and retention periods

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

7 July 2020

Product release news - July 2020: data exporter and retention periods

Hi, I'm Casey and I'm Senior Product Manager at Dubber. We’ve just shipped our first release of our retention features, giving data nerds simpler access to a richer dataset via our data exporter, and giving the first release from our identity management team the full send.

We understand keeping compliant with data protection and data retention laws is critical for every business, but it can be difficult to stay on top of the huge amounts of data that companies process every day. With variable retention periods, calls are automatically deleted according to the individual compliance requirements of each business.

Excitingly, the value of call recording and voice data continues to move beyond compliance and risk management. To assist those in sales, marketing, product, and leadership roles, our data exporter allows users access to insights via their favourite data visualisation and business intelligence tools.

Retention periods

Dubber’s all-you-can-eat approach to storage and minutes via the CALL DUB and DUB AI plans are popular with customers - they no longer need to predict how long their teams will be on calls, or to work out how long is long enough to store their call recordings.

To help those businesses keep their mind on the task, we’re rolling out a number of set-and-forget settings to help maintain compliance. The first of these is the ability to define the maximum period to retain recordings (and related data).


Preset periods, or a custom option for finer control

My storage isn’t limited, why do I need to delete?

Legislation such as MiFID II in the EU requires financial services organisations to record calls containing financial advice. However, these recordings and their associated data must be deleted after 5 or 7 years, depending on the country. With retention periods, businesses can customise their plan so that recordings are deleted according to their exact compliance needs. Retention periods are available as standard on our CALL DUB and DUB AI plans, at no additional cost, and are already enabled.

And thanks to some awesome design, you can’t use the feature to accidentally delete all of your records. If you try to set a retention period shorter than the oldest recording in your account, we’ll ask that you give us a call for a chat.

Data exporter

Let’s start with some fun (for me) facts!


Source: Statista

A single call (on average) will generate around 2.5kB of data. Multiply that by the number of calls each user makes, and again by how many users you have in your company, you can start to see why our DevOps teams are so good at storage management.

Historically, we’ve presented that data at a per-call level to help people quickly locate and listen to recordings. If you wanted to identify trends over time, we kindly asked that you extract the data call by call or build an application using our API. Not anymore.


Flexible exports allow for easy pairing with other data sources and visualisation tools

Our data exporter is a way for businesses to get (up to 31 days) of call recording and voice AI data out of Dubber quickly and easily. Initially available via our new API end point data_exports, a single API call triggers the generation of a CSV output for the desired date range. We chose 31 days to ensure you can extract a full month. If you need longer, adjust your date range and trigger another job. You won’t be waiting long for the files to generate.

But I can’t read the matrix

Business decisions can be transformed by viewing call information, such as call volume, IVR path, and user numbers, alongside overall sentiment ratings, tone and emotion. Integrations with contact centre analytics tools allow businesses to visualise data, such as the product that is being discussed over the phone, alongside the location of the customer. Data-driven decision making is the future, and we’re helping to make this easier for our customers.

Making voice AI data as accessible as possible is one of our passions. We’ve structured the data so that it can be easily used in Excel, or paired with other data and displayed through your preferred visualisation tool (e.g. Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos, etc.). To help get you started, we’re also providing a Google Data Studio template that’s designed to work with the Dubber dataset.


Our Google Data Studio template helps visualise data trends

Accessible voice AI data

Data exporter is part of our commitment to make access to your data as easy as possible. It is available as standard for accounts that include our DUB AI plan, at no additional cost. Sign up at our developer portal to obtain credentials and start exporting and visualising your data.

Enhanced authentication

Our teams have focused on enhanced authentication to strengthen our user authentication but to also lay the groundwork to help Dubber grow securely and to deliver unique experiences you’ve been asking for, faster.

Small usability changes

We work with the world’s biggest telecommunications companies. As we've grown, we’ve needed to keep pace with the strictest user controls. While this is a respected feat, it was time we re-built for the future. Today, we support nine global regions and the security of your (and your customer’s) data has never been more important.

With the launch of the new authentication process, users will notice small styling and wording changes. These will be across their sign up, login, and user management processes. All customised branding remains unaffected.

And terminated bugs

4182 - We've fixed the incorrect display of the dub.point status flag when customers had subscribed to the rest hook event type "dubpoint.delete", where it would list the status as 'active' despite the dubpoint having been deleted.

Share your experiences

As we wanted to support the biggest majority of users on this release, we’ve made conscious decisions to favour accessibility over complexity. We’d love to hear your feedback on the interface, data inclusions, visualisations, and how we can help make your voice AI journey richer. You can message the team at


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