Dub Day Hack - Sprint to Innovation

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

6 May 2022

Dub Day Hack - Sprint to Innovation

We’re constantly looking for new ways to add even more value to the more than 170 service providers using Dubber globally. These innovations all add-up to increased revenue, retention and differentiation - all of which we are passionate about driving.


With this front of mind, our Brisbane office embarked on a Hack Day; a single day in which teams each build a working prototype product feature. These days aren’t just a whole lot of fun, they give the team a window to create something that can demonstrate value.


The outcome? Four successful innovative ideas and demonstrations!


“I was blown away by the energy and creativity of the teams. Creating the space for ideas to flourish is essential to any organization.”

- Tarryn Thiele, Organiser, Notes by Dubber


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From over 36 ideas submitted, the team went to work on bring four to life. 


The Best Hack of the day as voted by participants comprised Zack Corr, Brendan Russell, Iain McCowan, Jaco du Plessis, and Darshan Madduma. The team created a Chrome extension that records presentations and demos from your camera and screen share. Those recordings could then be shared within Notes, with AI that would present markers for when slides changed in a presentation with a textual summary of each slide to allow quick jumping to the important bits.




Other concepts developed on the day included:


  • One-click actions to create shortcuts from specific actions identified in a conversation. For example, if the identified action was to meet again next week then with a single click you had a new calendar entry with dates and details prefilled for immediate action using information available from the transcript. 

  • Incorporating sentiment analysis at different levels of a conversation transcript so that you could easily see the sentiment for the whole conversation, per speaker, or by speaking turn.

  • Integrating Notes with Slack through slackbot commands to provide links to upcoming meetings in Notes and instantly show your Notes highlights from a particular meeting, for example “show notes from Hack Day”.

  • Automatically monitoring the audio call quality and improving the listening experience when playing back recorded conversations - removing noise and compressing silence for faster playback.


It’s these type of events that keep us evolving and growing, fuelled by new ideas and a “what-if?” attitude. We’re hoping to add some of the best features to the product roadmap, so let us know which project excites you the most and what you’d love to see us working on.

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