4 Best Video To Text Converter Apps In 2021: Overview of Key Features

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

20 June 2021

4 Best Video To Text Converter Apps In 2021: Overview of Key Features

For any team or client meeting, taking notes is an important task; however, it is challenging to record important points quickly as someone speaks. When it comes to meeting notes, many companies prefer to record proceedings to minimize the time and multiple attempts it takes to refine minutes, as well as making sure that exact information can be shared quickly.

While video recordings are engaging, transcription results in better comprehension even when the video is watched in silent mode. An article by Digiday highlights that around 85% of Facebook videos are being viewed in silent mode as people consume them when traveling or at work.

This article reviews top video to text converter apps to help you transcribe your meeting, or any other recordings. These apps also offer a web-based platform for those who want to use their laptops or desktops to convert mp4 to text.

Say goodbye to manual transcriptions

Transcribing videos is a time-consuming process. Use these video-to-text converters with robust speech recognition capabilities and avoid going through the process yourself, turning your video files into text documents in a few minutes.

Transcribe your videos for free via YouTube

You have probably seen this audio-captions as you were watching a video, but YouTube also converts video to text in the form of a transcript. The result may not be word-perfect, but it can easily be edited in your preferred text editor.

You can use iOS or Android to open YouTube (via your Chrome browser) and navigate to the three dots (…) under the video to choose more options.

Click on the three dots and this will allow you to open the video transcript, complete with timestamps.

Transcribe Via YouTube - Blog Tile

Unfortunately, you cannot download the transcript, but you can copy and paste to Google Docs, MS Word or your preferred text editor, as mentioned above.

Key Features

1. Offers editable transcription with timestamps;
2. Supports several languages;
3. Allows you to copy the transcription;
4. Supports read-along tracking.

Though YouTube is a free video to text converter tool, it may not be the best option if you are looking for accuracy or ease of use. Once you have transcribed a YouTube video to text, you need to format it, which can take considerable time.

Top 4 video to text converter apps

TranscribeMe is a recording and transcription app that allows you to record and convert your videos to text. It offers data annotation, transcription, translation, AI Datasets, and speech recognition services. One of the key features of this app is that it integrates with other apps such as Facebook, Dropbox, and Voice Memos that have stored the recordings for conversion in text formats.

TranscribeMe - Blog Tile
Key Features:

1. Uses human transcribers and speech recognition technology to create near perfect transcriptions;
2. Supports multiple text exporting formats – HTML, Nvivo, PDF, and Word doc;
3. Transcripts are delivered via email as well, and are available on the customer portal and the app;
4. Timestamps;
5. Speaker identification;
6. Offers customized pricing plans.

Temi Recorder and Transcriber

With Temi, a transcription service affiliated with Rev, you can convert audio and video files into meaningful texts within a few minutes (depending on the length of the file). The process to submit your transcription order is straightforward – use the Tami iOS or Android app to record your meeting, review it, and submit it. You can also use the web application to import recordings or paste URLs from Vimeo, DropBox, Youtube and Facebook.

After the transcription is completed, you can view it directly from the app, export it in .docx, .pdf, .txt, .srt, and .vtt formats and send/share these docs as email attachments.

Key Features:

1. Built-in text editor to refine the script;
2. Offers read-along tracking;
3. Supports various video and audio file formats;
4. Relatively affordable (around 25¢ per minute of transcription);
5. Acceptable accuracy and grammar for video and audio transcription;
6. Supports multiple export options such as PDF, Word, VTT, SR.

Temi Recorder - Blog Tile

Trint is a web-based transcription platform, also available as an iOS app, which allows users to translate video to text , transcribe recorded phone calls, and create captioned videos. One of the key features of Trint is that its text editor syncs with your audio or video player, letting you search, verify, or edit the transcript. You can also highlight any sentence from the transcript to see the precise time and even length of the selection. To skip an unnecessary sentence or section from the text, you can make use of its strikeout feature.

Trint also offers video and audio editing features, and supports live recording.

Trint - Blog Tile
Key Features:

1. Processes files quickly;
2. Creates editable, shareable and searchable text;
3. Captions video recordings;
4. Adds time periods for text tracking;
5. Integrates with Zoom;
6. Uses AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and NLP (natural language processing) to convert video to text;
7. Exports text to multiple formats such as Word, SRT (SubRip Subtitle file);
8. Offers features such as highlight and strike features that you can use with the text.

Try Notiv Notetaker

When you have a large number of meeting recordings to be translated into text, you have three options:

1. Record your meetings and assign this task to some of your employees who would spend hours transcribing it;
2. Record every meeting and use one of the above apps;
3. Work in a smarter way by using a tool such as Notiv – an AI driven meeting assistant that integrates with your calendars, joins your meetings, and converts conversations into quality text automatically. You can also upload video files, which Notiv will transcribe with ease.

Notiv is much more than a simple video to text converter application; after it transcribes your meetings, it automatically creates a meeting summary, agenda, notes, and actions with editing options. This is in addition to the freedom it gives you to create your own notes, highlight key moments, and mark decisions.

Notiv Notetaker - Blog Tile

Notiv is exceptionally interactive and enhances employee productivity – you can classify a note as a Question, Pin, Highlight or Action. It also saves you the hassle of keeping track of all the final details in the meeting notes by letting you add team members to collaborate with, through quick access to any meeting recording, transcript, or set of notes.

The tool also offers the option to import any recording from your device or record audio directly from your browser (requires microphone permission).

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Notiv can join your meetings as an attendee – simply send a calendar invite at meet@notiv.com, and it will join and record them.

Notiv Join Meetings - Blog Tile

You can also set-up auto-join rules by changing your “Calendar Settings” in the “Settings” tab, and specify which meeting to attend automatically.

Notiv Calendar - Blog Tile

Notiv integrates with various video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and many more, with instant sharing capabilities via Slack or email.

After your meetings, you can share the meeting recording, transcript, action items, notes, or decisions directly from your Notiv account.

Key Features:

1. Generates summary, highlights, agenda, and action items automatically;
2. Handles accents and offers near perfect transcription;
3. Links action items to tasks;
4. Joins meetings automatically once you set it up in your calendar;
5. Supports various video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet;
6. Record phone conversations for transcription;
7. Stores all recordings for future reference;
8. Sends meetings updates daily via email;
9. Recognizes voice commands and triggers.


Compared to human transcriptionists who will take at least a day to deliver text conversion, the apps listed above offer a quick turnaround time. You can also use these apps to transcribe audio to text automatically within a few minutes.

If you are looking for more than a video to text converter app, consider Notiv as your AI assistant. Primarily a meeting tool, it offers an expansion set of features for any occasion, meaning you can use it to convert video to text easily and with a high degree of accuracy. Notiv also ensures that all team members are clear about their tasks and next steps after the meeting.

Want to experience how Notiv helps in creating useful meeting records, chat to us today.

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