Turn Your Voice Conversations Into Clever Business Outcomes In 3 Steps

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

23 June 2021

Turn Your Voice Conversations Into Clever Business Outcomes In 3 Steps

Preparing concise and organized meeting notes is a real skill. It is difficult to listen, take notes, and participate in meetings at the same time, and on top of that, we often jot down unnecessary information, which results in spending valuable time trying to make sense of wordy and cluttered entries before we can share them with others. This is where note-taking apps come in handy and relieve you of stress.

Notiv is among the very few cross-platform apps that offer the perfect combination of versatility, efficiency, and speed. It provides users with all the essential features to help you create, organize, save, and share your meeting minutes.

Notiv’s Conversation Intelligence

Notiv is an AI-powered note-taking tool that can record and transcribe video and voice calls. It works with various web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet, and integrates with many third-party apps your team uses – add the app directly from your Notiv account and begin recording your meetings and calls instantly.

Notiv Notetaker is much more than a typical meeting notetaker; it uses AI to analyze your conversations and identifies key topics and phrases. After the meeting, rather than poring over pages of notes, you can refer directly to these key moments for actionable insights.

It saves resources, time, and effort, offering near-verbatim transcripts almost instantly to benefit your business. Whether you’re recording a sales call with a client or conducting an internal meeting, Notiv captures your interaction and gives you the understanding to make better decisions accordingly.

Overcome the Challenge of Note-Taking With Notiv
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Notiv offers peace of mind during your internal and external meetings. You will never have to worry about taking meeting notes again(!) as you can integrate Notiv with your Google or Office calendar, and it will join every scheduled conversation.

Notiv has re-engineered the meeting culture – perfectly recording and storing all your meetings, even those you couldn’t attend.

How to synchronize Notiv with Zoom (and other meeting platforms)

1. Go to the Settings menu, then Calendar, and click Zoom;

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2. Authorize Notiv to access your Zoom account;

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3. You will be able to view all your scheduled Zoom meetings inside your Notiv account. You can also choose which meetings Notiv should record.

Tip: If you want Notiv to record all your meetings simply turn on the auto-join feature and Notiv will automatically join.

Learn how you can record your meetings, either remotely or in-person with Notiv.

Full Collaboration for Better Decision Making

Apart from creating transcriptions, Notiv automatically produces a summary of conversations, suggests action items or questions, and notes important discussion items.

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Notiv offers valuable insights which you can refer to on demand. You can pull previous recordings or transcripts and share these with your colleagues to improve team performance, business processes, training, client calls and more.

Using Notiv’s voice command and triggers

You can use Notiv’s built-in voice notes and triggers during your conversation and Notiv’s cutting edge AI will pick them up, creating an “Action item”, “Note” or “Decision”.

  1. To add a note, say “Add a note” or “Take a note.” For instance, “Thanks John, I’ll take note that you are meeting our Sales Director tomorrow”;

  2. To add an action item, the same idea is used. For instance, “There is an Action Item for Lara to send the latest sales figures post meeting”;

  3. To log a decision – “We have decided to reschedule our next sales meeting for 24th July, 2021”.

  4. Notiv also picks up any sentence containing its name. For example, “Hey Notiv, send the meeting transcript to Matt only”.

Tip: You can easily search through your transcripts and notes to pull specific information. All you need to do is to use the “Search” feature from your account’s main dashboard, and Notiv will display the transcripts or meeting notes containing the search term.

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Create Actions and Assign Tasks Automatically

As Notiv processes your meeting recording for transcription, it analyzes the script and suggests key phrases as actions, tasks, and decisions.

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You can add manual actions and tasks as required, and share them with others with a single click.

How to add notes and actions manually

To do this:

1. Highlight the text from the transcript as a task, action, or decision;

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2. Hover your mouse over the selected section and choose how you would like to classify it.
3. The selected text will be populated in the relevant category as a note/action/decision.

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Tip: Ditch emails and invite your team to collaborate online with Notiv. They will be able to see the notes, actions, and decisions, provide helpful feedback, leading to better and more informed decisions.


There is a wealth of information hidden in our collective dialogues, and Notiv – as a smart meeting notes taker, mines these key insights to help us collaborate and improve our performance for marketing, customer service, and sales purposes.

Notiv does the following:

  1. Captures your conversations automatically, transcribes them, creates action items, and sends all updates via daily digest.

  2. Allows you to recall important parts of discussion, and share the entire recording and script with your team.

  3. Finds and identifies common themes and keywords across all meeting conversations and offers insights that help with quick decision making.

Chat to us today, and experience how easy it is to work with an AI-powered transcript for better business outcomes.

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