How To Record Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Or Any Online Meeting (For Free)

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

22 June 2021

How To Record Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Or Any Online Meeting (For Free)

Sales representatives devote lots of time to meetings, with discussions about team coaching, performance, developing sales strategies and pipelines, resolving disputes, and sharing industry trends. Sales is an input-based activity, and the meeting host must disseminate the meeting minutes quickly in order to get the sales executives primed to sell.

If sales reps spend the bulk of their time making notes, then they are going to be distracted from the main task – building relationships with theirs prospects and closing deals. Knowing how to record a team meeting means sales reps can easily keep track of relevant conversations.

This article will discuss the various free ways to record meetings and enhance the effectiveness of internal meetings for sales leaders.

Option 1: Using the Built-in Recording Function

Video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Go To Meetings and others have built-in record meeting options. These software allow you to record audio and video from your screen without any watermarks or limits.

Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex - Blog Tile

When you join a Webex meeting, you will see an option to record a Webex meeting at the bottom of the screen. When recording your meeting, you can also change the default destination path, so your finished recording can be found in any document folder that you wish.

Zoom, Google Meet and other video conferencing software have similar recording options:

Zoom - Blog Tile
Google Meet
Google Meet - Blog Tile

In addition to basic recording capabilities and file size customization features, you can also edit the videos and share them with other attendees. Lastly, you can save the recorded videos in multiple formats.

If you are an attendee and wondering how to record a team meeting without host permission, you can try the following free methods.

Option 2: Best Free Alternatives to Record Team Meetings

ShareX is a free and open source video recording tool to capture and record screens. It also offers useful features such as file sharing options for recording conversations. This tool saves, downloads and exports recorded videos in various output formats like MP4, MOV, and AVI without any watermarks. There are no time restrictions and ShareX also offers the possibility to save recordings in GIF format, instead of video. It can be easily integrated with various social media platforms for the sharing of webinar or training videos.

The downside is that ShareX’s interface is not very intuitive. Users receive an interesting set of features, but may need some time to get used to them.

Share X - Blog Tile
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcaster Software is another free and open source tool to capture your meetings. It offers many features such as audio mixing, customizations in capture quality, and of course, recording a meeting and broadcasting it live simultaneously.

Open Broadcaster Software - Blog Tile

OBS lets you record your screen, voice, and computer sound at the same time. You can also connect this tool with video streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch if you are streaming a Webinar or live event. Additionally, no watermark is included in the videos, and you can capture video conversations of any length.

Its layout is a bit overwhelming for beginners, and users may encounter problems like low quality of recording, high CPU usage (as it takes a lot of memory space) and overheating.

4VideoSoft Free Online Screen Capture

This freeware lets you record your screen with external and internal audio (such as your voice via microphone) and save or share the recording files with your team. This screen recording software lets you capture your desktop activity either from a specific window or an entire screen.

4VideoSoft - Blog Tile

Edit in real-time while recording your meetings, and perform a scheduled timer recording. You can easily share your recordings (demo, webinars) on streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The meetings recorded via this software have no watermarks or time restrictions, but this software offers limited free features. To use the video conversion or video enhancement features, you need to upgrade to a paid version.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft offers a free screen recording feature to capture all meetings and make changes in real time during screen recording. This smart tool is web-based, so simply open the recorder in your browser and record your meetings, training, demos, or webinars. There are no recording time and watermark limitations, and you can also insert your webcam with the screen recording simultaneously to create an instructional video. You can also record your meetings and pair it with audio (your voice or computer sound).

Apowersoft - Blog Tile

This software is pretty basic and you will need to upgrade to its paid version, “Screen Recorder Pro”, to use advanced features.

Option 3: Use Notiv to Conduct Meetings in a Smart Way

We explained how you can use the built-in recording functions of your video conferencing software, or use alternate methods for free. Even though this is an improvement, you still need to go manually through the entire video, or fast forward it to refer to important moments. Transcribing the recording and quickly referring to specific parts is desirable, allowing for greater efficiency.

Notiv is an AI-based meeting management tool that not only records your meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, Webex and more, but also transcribes them, so you can get to the important stuff quicker. The tool adapts to your needs – it can integrate with your calendar and automatically join your meeting, or record scheduled meetings even if you are not attending.

The free meeting recording options let you capture dialogues from any video conferencing tool, but Notiv goes one step further. Besides note-taking, it helps you derive actionable data, as it automatically creates meeting summaries, highlights important phrases in the conversation, and creates action items and tasks for attendees.

Notiv AI-Based Meeting Tool - Blog Tile

When you transcribe your meetings with Notiv, you can quickly benefit from useful insights, extracted automatically!

The Bottom Line

When considering how to record a team meeting, Notiv is definitely the top choice. An efficient and productive meeting recording tool, it also integrates with many external apps.

Visit the Notiv integrations page to see how you can simply synchronize Notiv with your work apps and use the insights from your weekly meetings to facilitate your sales strategy.

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