How to overcome meeting overload

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

22 February 2022

How to overcome meeting overload

At their best, meetings provide critical new information, are thought-provoking, help resolve issues and deliver new directions. At their worst, they are a waste of time and focus - despite the amount of meetings we attend has increased by 13%, a factor in making the average workday 8.2% longer. 

So what if you didn't need to be at the meeting - to be at the meeting, to get back two hours back in the day or miss a meeting without extra work overheads? What if you could take back two hours a day or more - and significantly improve the productivity and outcomes of meetings?

Notes by Dubber (previously, Notiv by Dubber) automatic conversational recording and note-taking assistant is an opportunity to radically improve meetings and add value across preparation, meeting focus, and review whilst retaining invaluable meeting information.

Put the pen down

Meeting overload can be overcome through automatic note taking and AI-generated collaborative, real-time templates, themes, and actions - actively combating information overload. Notes by Dubber puts an end to manually writing meeting minutes, key decisions and actions as it automatically captures these insights and integrates them into leading project management systems like Jira and Asana. 

Get aligned ahead of getting going

With a sleek agenda organised and prepared for in advance, team members are armed with information, questions and updates - leaving no room for going rogue or off-script. 

Templatised agendas can guide allocated time for speakers, questions or issues raised - and time for these to be addressed and adequately resolved. 


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How much meeting time is used proactively? Keeping the interest of time

Creating a meeting agenda can highlight time-wasters that accumulate minutes into hours. Setting shorter meetings and selecting fewer attendees can retain about two hours back into the working day. With shorter meetings, attendees are compelled to arrive on time, come prepared and stick to timelines.

People may attend meetings out of fear that it will contain essential information to them. Notes by Dubber frees up your time in attending irrelevant meetings and feeds back the information directly to you- regardless of whether you were required or an optional attendee. 

Start on time. With Notes by Dubber, attendees running late can jump on the call with the mobile app or catch up on what was missed from the recorded transcript when they can get a chance. 

Attend without ever attending

Could asynchronous invites better serve some attendees?

Notes by Dubber gives optional attendees full access to the entire scope of the meeting with meeting notes, highlights and actions decided. They can access a time-stamped and speaker attributed transcription and recording (that can be sped up) of what was said, outline who's responsible for what, and any outcome objectives. 

Ensure the value of a meeting isn't lost the moment the meeting ends

Navigating next steps post-meeting information-overload can be difficult — or inconceivable to summarise. Much like revisiting a project that’s been temporarily parked, having a Refresh Meeting can be counterproductive too. But it doesn’t have to be, for example; Notes by Dubber is sitting in on the last meeting for that project where you discuss updates, progress, and why it’s not going to market now. All those information fragments are stored in the meeting minutes and notes in your team’s archive or Notes platform. Next steps or actions during the meeting would be captured, recorded, and transferred to tools like Asana, where it’s integrated into the project board. 

Without this, it forfeits all the value the meeting once held. 

Fast forward to a few months when the project is ready to launch; the team can revisit the meeting and catch up on where they met last, and move forward. 


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