Dubber AI ticked the box for Rubicon 8

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

15 June 2022

Dubber AI ticked the box for Rubicon 8

Melbourne-based enterprise tech solutions provider Rubicon 8 uses Dubber to understand immediately how customers react to help desk support - without asking them to fill in post-call questionnaires. 

Rubicon 8 General Manager Pat Bombardieri says his company uses Dubber to understand managed services team performance. 

“We specialise in providing ICT solutions to enterprise organisations, helping them leverage their technology to unlock their business potential. We have a wide delivery framework, and one of the things we do is manage our customer’s IT infrastructure, handling all the support for their desktops and their servers.

“There is a team of engineers sitting on our help desk. Some work remotely and some work in the office, taking phone calls from customers and providing them with support over the phone.

Rubicon 8 uses Dubber running on Cisco Webex to record and store all the support phone calls. After a call ends Dubber’s artificial intelligence gives managers an indication of how that call went.

“It tells us if the customer went away happy or not. The AI does the evaluation and we get a notification in the form of a smiley face when the call went well and a cross face if it didn’t.”


Rubicon 8 improves client retention and staff performance with Dubber AI

Download the case study to learn how Rubicon 8 uses Dubber AI to understand immediately how satisfied customers are with help desk support without making them fill in post-call questionnaires.

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Pat says this replaces the previous system, which involved sending our customers evaluation surveys after each call. 

He says: “This was a manual process, and our customers found it monotonous. We know they have to fill in lots of surveys from other people they do business with and we didn’t want to keep adding to this.”

This method meant a lot of work for Rubicon 8. There could be 150 requests each day, across 50 or so customers. Analysing survey responses and pulling reports together was a full time job.    

From Pat’s point of view, the purpose of the surveys was to understand the customer experience and to unearth what could be improved. 

He says: “The AI in Dubber, ticked that box for us. It gave our team leader the opportunity to know immediately what happened. If we see something that indicates a customer was frustrated, a manager can go in and listen to the call and have a coaching conversation with the engineer.”

“Nobody likes it when their technology isn’t working, so when our customers call for support, the way we manage their experience is key to our business. We need to know if they are waiting too long on the phone when they call, or if they are not happy”.

After seven months using Dubber to monitor help desk calls, Pat's team identified an issue where people who were working from home because of Covid were using the help desk for support with their home computers. Home computers are not covered by Rubicon 8’s service agreements. He says: “We don’t manage home computers because we can’t access and control them. We don’t know if they are safe and secure.”

These calls were taking up engineers’ time, but were not in Rubicon 8’s management agreements.  Pat says this isn’t something that he would have learned with manual surveys, but it became apparent after listening to calls. This allowed the team to adjust and remind customers which devices are covered with helpdesk support, allowing Rubicon 8 to boost engineer productivity.   

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