Dubber answers AI questions for Rubicon 8 customers

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

15 June 2022

Dubber answers AI questions for Rubicon 8 customers

Melbourne-based enterprise tech solutions provider Rubicon 8 found the AI in Dubber call recording opens the door to fresh opportunities. 

Pat Bombardieri is General Manager at Rubicon 8, a technology provider in Melbourne, Australia, that specialises in the enterprise space. His business is about using technology to help enterprise organisations become more efficient, agile and competitive in their market. 

Pat says the number one question his customers ask is "What is AI?". 

He says they've heard about it, but they want to know how it works and how they might use it to improve their business. 

For Pat, answering that question quickly led to Dubber. And that's where conversations about AI start. Rubicon 8 uses Dubber’s AI to quickly evaluate customer responses to interactions with help desk engineers.

He says: "When customers want a simple example of how AI can work for a business, we have a readymade example. We use it ourselves to streamline the way we measure customer satisfaction. 

 "I ask them how they might like to get instant customer feedback without manual intervention because AI handles an automated process."

He says this is an easy business conversation to have with a company director. "We talk about artificial intelligence, recording, statistics and governance."


Rubicon 8 improves client retention and staff performance with Dubber AI

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This is excellent business for Pat. The technology sector is highly competitive, with many players taking a purely transactional approach to sales. 

He says that's something he wants to avoid: "We want to move beyond selling a phone system, a mobile, or a box. For us it is more about what you can do with the device or what you can do with unified communications. 

"Dubber is an extension of unified communications. We can say to our customer 'It's great that you have this technology, now what are you going to do with it to get a competitive advantage?'. We can talk to them about doing more with voice and doing more with data. It opens up a lot of opportunities."

For a technology solutions provider, there are two types of tech customer: Those who see technology as a business expense and those who see it as a business enabler. 

The challenge is to convert those from the expense camp to join the enabler camp. Pat says the AI conversation is all about educating the customer on how their technology investment can enable their business. 


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