Supercharging Mobile Revenue

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

28 February 2022

Supercharging Mobile Revenue

Accelerating revenue, retention and differentiation are all on every service provider's agenda. The question is how?

Today Dubber made news at Mobile World Congress, announcing Notes by Dubber.

 “Since the acquisition of Notiv we have been working hard to enrich features and make Notes by Dubber a valuable offering within any service provider network. The scalability of Dubber’s core recording and AI platform means we can deliver Notes by Dubber instantly to millions of devices at a highly attractive price point to service providers, and then through our Foundation Partner model, turn what is a marginal cost into a powerful source of revenue, retention, and differentiation.”

James Slaney, COO, Dubber

So, how does Notes do this?

Notes seamlessly integrates with mobile and communication networks operated by service providers, plus Unified Communications services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex.

Recording occurs natively and is enriched in the cloud, with zero requirement for hardware, services or storage. It's a complete solution that scales infinitely, underpinned by carrier-grade security and compliance.

Dubber's Notes application is available to Dubber Foundation Partners globally, enabling them to address the multi-billion-dollar productivity market with a simple switch on. Foundation Partners benefit from deep marketing, sales, and customer success support - we work alongside you to drive business outcomes.

So, what makes Notes by Dubber so compelling?

All you need to know about Notes by Dubber

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Put down the pen, step away from the keyboard

While our meetings and calls require voice, most are plagued with manual notetaking. Follow-up is inconsistent, actions are missed, and every meeting requires attendance or hearsay to understand what was said.

But there is a better way with Notes.

Notes will automatically record every meeting or even join a mobile call, transforming the conversation into a real-time AI-enriched transcript, with full notes and action items.

Actions, keywords, and more are created for attendees to augment as desired. And for those that didn't attend, the full meeting transcript, action items and notes workspace can be shared, or the meeting replayed.

Imagine the power of not just taking back hours of wasted time every week, but exponentially increasing the effectiveness of every meeting.

Supercharging revenue

Notes is purpose-built for service providers. Foundation Partners can embed Notes on every endpoint. From there, the path to upgrade occurs simply inside the Notes application as users demand more. And every meeting fuels connections to other attendees, exposing them to the value of notes.

Notes opens the door to increasing revenue on a primary service - and then the potential to create new revenue from Notes users in and outside of that network on other applications and services.

And because Notes is integrated with billing and provisioning systems - just like any other Dubber service, we manage it all in the cloud - the work required to deploy Notes is minimal.

Retain & differentiate more

As Notes becomes the system of record for calls, meetings and more, data grows. Users get an AI-assistant passively attending every meeting or call. The richness of the data generated, collaborative workspace, integrations with other productivity applications, and the power of Notes in every meeting fuels retention and differentiation.

“Unlike other freemium offerings that impose limits on customers, our embedded version of Notes by Dubber for Service Providers will deliver immediate value to users and immediate differentiation and customer retention. This will lead to new sources of revenue that will dramatically enhance a service provider's value proposition with customers and significantly boost ARPU".

James Slaney, COO, Dubber

Notes by Dubber unlocks a billion-dollar productivity market opportunity for service providers but critically adds revenue, retention, and differentiation to any network service today.


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