Dubber: The World’s Leading Cloud Call Recording & Voice AI Platform

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

24 April 2019

Dubber: The World’s Leading Cloud Call Recording & Voice AI Platform

Dubber is a global platform as a service and BroadCloud’s exclusive recording platform, providing call capture and voice analytics software-as-a-service. Watch our video for a quick overview of what we do, or read on for more information.


Affordability and flexibility for everyone

We record calls directly from the network by partnering with telecommunications service providers around the world. This allows us to provide our services with no on-premise equipment or up-front costs for the end user on a subscription basis.

Our OpEx model brings affordability and flexibility for everyone, enabling us to deploy call recording and voice AI for every phone, regardless of business size or budget. Contact us to find out more.

Get connected instantly

Our cloud model allows for easy and immediate connection across an entire network, meaning every phone on the network has instant access to call recording and voice AI services. Our subscription model allows us to tailor our packages to businesses of all sizes as well as individual users.

There are no requirements too big or small. Dubber’s cloud platform provides the ultimate in scalability, allowing us to offer the same quality of service to one phone or one million phones. Our service can grow alongside a business, with no worries about running out of storage space, allowing companies to build a rich bank of data to mine for insights.

Contact us to find out more.

The Dubber portal

The Dubber portal is where you can access and interact with all of your recordings. Depending on your permissions settings you will be able to view recordings from you or the whole of your team. When Zoe voice AI is enabled, the portal is where you will find full transcripts and sentiment ratings for every call.


Voice AI for every phone

Our voice AI powerhouse Zoe is under constant development to create new ways to analyse voice data. Existing functionality transcribes calls, identifies keywords, and even rates the sentiment of a call based on the emotions of the caller. Zoe is available on a monthly subscription, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Compliant call recording

We work hard to ensure we give our end users all the tools they need to comply with a variety of call recording regulations, including MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. We employ sophisticated security measures, including protecting all recorded calls with AES-256 encryption, and our scalable storage means we can meet the long-term storage requirements dictated by regulatory bodies.

Connect to your business tools with our API

Our open API provides limitless integration and automation possibilities. Businesses can access call data and manage recording settings through third-party applications such as CRM systems including Salesforce, and create automated workflows such as alerts to negative calls that help them become more intelligent, and more efficient.

Dubber Lab — start testing today

The Dubber Lab is your risk-free environment to test out the whole Dubber service. The Lab is a complete replica of Dubber’s service, including a complete multi-tenant structure and productised API. Sign up to the Dubber Lab to access a shared recorder and APIs that allow you to test out the whole Dubber service today.

Innovative products for every role

We are constantly working to create innovative products to expand the customer base for call recording and voice AI services. Our On Demand call recording is available for zero monthly subscription fees and allows users to record calls as and when they need to. Playback is our retroactive personal call capture service that means users can choose to save a call up to three days after it was made. Our products are helping service providers around the world drive growth into new and existing use cases.

Always On: a call recording solution to capture every call. Perfect for compliance and training use cases.

On Demand: call recording at the touch of a button with zero monthly subscription fees.

Playback: retroactive personal call capture that can save a call up to three days after it was made.

Zoe: voice AI that transcribes every call, identifies keywords for quick and easy search, and rates Sentiment to identify positive and negative calls instantly.

Next steps — let’s chat!

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