Organise your recordings and playback

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

1 October 2019

Organise your recordings and playback

The Dubber solution helps you to keep your recordings organised, making it quick and easy to search for and review your recorded conversations. Here are a few tips for keeping your recordings organised.

Star important calls

You can star important calls to make them easier to find. Just click the star icon next to a call to create a list of highlighted recordings that you can quickly locate if you need to refer to them. This is a great way to categorise calls that need a follow-up action.

Add a Tag

We created our tagging functionality to make it simple to organise your recordings. Tags are a great way to categorise calls that relate to a specific customer or project. Tags can be used in searches, so you can easily find a recorded call, or several recordings by searching their tags. You can learn more about searching your calls here.

To add a custom tag, click the tag icon next to a call. You can add as many tags as you like to your calls. The tag function is great for sorting your recordings into categories: making it quick and easy to find your calls. You might want to add a tag to a call to show that it has been reviewed, when a follow-up action is complete, or for assigning calls to different team members. You can add multiple tags and create a whole filing system for your recordings.

Download the app

Organisation can be a team effort with the Dubber mobile app. By creating teams with permissions settings that allow people on the same team to listen to each other’s recordings, collaboration becomes even easier.

Team members can even add comments to their team’s recordings, allowing managers to assign follow-up actions and colleagues to share information. Comments are time-stamped so that they can be shown alongside the relevant part of the recording.
Watch our video to learn more about how to search and organise your calls.

If you’d like to learn more about Dubber’s star or tag functionality, or other features within the portal and mobile app visit our support site or watch our video for a full rundown of the Dubber portal.

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