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Are enterprises ready for hybrid work?

Download our free Future of Work Study created in partnership with AT&T Business and Incisiv now. Dive into the gaps in hybrid work readiness and the potential for technology to help address theses.

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The Pandemic has forever changed the trajectory of the work environment. CXO's understand this but culture, processes and technology are not yet mature enough to meet the expectations of today's workforce and business profitability.

Dubber and AT&T Business have partnered with Incisiv to survey more than 300 c-suite executives, vice presidents and directors about how hybrid work has impacted their organisations and what gaps it has exposed.

The survey revealed that 72% of companies lacked a detailed strategy to support a distributed work model and compounding that problem, 61% lacked the right technology infrastructure.

Download our research report to discover all the insights.


Learn about:
  • Employee vs employers expectations of hybrid work moving forward

  • Infrastructure modernisation needs to maintain maximum productivity and employee engagement

  • How CXO’s believe artificial intelligence and machine leanring (AI/ML) can close the exposed gaps

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“It’s time to embrace hybrid work, rethink and redefine our operating models for the future - but many aren’t there yet. There are many big questions to ponder and address.”

Anne Chow, CEO AT&T


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