How to Convert Voice Meeting to Text

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

5 December 2021

How to Convert Voice Meeting to Text
How to Convert Voice Notes to Text in a Meeting

If you have a lot of meetings, converting speech into text is a valuable activity. Voice notes and transcriptions of meetings can help create accurate meeting notes, make it easier to review meetings, and provides a record of interactions with other team members or clients. We explain the benefits of transcribing voice recordings and give a breakdown of the best voice notes apps. Before the rise of applications, if someone wanted to transcribe a meeting, they’d have to furiously write down everything that was said. Thankfully now, software can help you turn speech into text.

Why Transcribe Voice Recordings to Text?
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Recording meetings in general is a useful thing to do. It is very common that in meetings a lot of topics are approached, someone’s connection is bad, and generally, people don’t remember what happened. A recording in the first place is a good tool to prevent this. However, recordings alone require whoever wants to review it to go through the entire meeting to find the key information, this is why you should think about software to record and convert voice memos into text. A conversion of the speech into text makes it considerably easier to find key information that is needed.

Effectively, converting voice meeting notes is vital for several reasons:

  • Allows meeting members to focus on the meeting, without having to write everything down

  • Provides a record of meetings, to ensure nothing is lost

  • Creates an easy to search log. If you remember something was said in a meeting, open the transcribed notes, and you can search for keywords.

  • Any voice notes you take outside of meetings can be transformed into note documents, that can be polished and shared with others, or turned into meeting recaps.

  • Clients can also check the meeting log and transcribed voice notes, to ensure that all parties understand their needs

  • Agendas for future meetings can be based on the information that is logged

  • Action items can be ascertained and made clear

  • There are no grounds for dispute on what was said or agreed upon previously when you have turned the speech into text.

  • Those who missed the meeting or had a poor connection can review the meeting

These reasons give you an understanding why it’s so important in meetings to convert voice notes online with the help of software.

Best Voice Notes Apps for Meetings
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There is a range of voice notes apps, and tools you can use to help turn speech into text. Some are dictation apps, to help transcribe voice notes, whereas others are more useful for meetings specifically, by recording and transcribing the entire meeting. Some software can help you record meetings, but they do not allow you to convert voice memos to texts, so that is not useful for meetings. If you want a software to turn voice memos to text, it is good to focus on what integrations the software programs can provide, and find out if it can summarize key information, which saves time trawling through entire recordings.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a voice recording software, that boasts accurate speech into text transcription of any voice notes. This is particularly useful for recording lengthy dictations, for example if you want to craft messages or turn long voice memos to text. It has no time limit, so it can be used to record meetings as well. The disadvantages are that it is not specifically an integration for online call apps, and it’s quite expensive.


Panopto is an integration for various call software. It can record and transcribe entire calls and meetings, which are then converted into secure documents that can be edited and shared. Not only can it turn audio of speech into text, it can record video. The disadvantage is that while it turns voice notes to text, it only transcribes the meeting, meaning if you were hoping for a summary of the meeting that you can share, in concise form, you will have to edit the transcription yourself.

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Notiv can record any meeting, on any call software, allowing you to transcribe voice notes online, without expansive heavy separate software. It records the entire meeting, automatically transcribes, but unlike other apps, it summarizes the entire meeting into the key action points and tasks which you can then assign. The recording and summaries can be shared via other apps, such as Slack, and logged for future reference. Because it records and summarizes, it effectively takes and transcribes voice meeting notes for you, allowing participants of the meeting to entirely focus on the discussion, rather than having someone take lots of notes. The disadvantage is that it does not record video, however, it has a wider range of use on various applications and integrations than most other apps.

How to Transcribe Voice Notes into Text with Notiv
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Notiv synchronizes with a range of call software, to allow you to turn any speech into text. Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams calls, can all be recorded, transcribed and summarized. Notiv works on your browser, and you can log in with a Google or Microsoft account to integrate your calendar and meetings. Because Notiv integrates with your virtual calendars, it knows when meetings are taking place, and notifies relevant parties with the summaries after.

After integrating, you toggle Notiv on for upcoming meetings or recurring ones from your calendar, to automatically record and transcribe them. It will then notify you beforehand to ensure you are prepared as the note taker. If you haven’t previously given Notiv permission to record, you can just open the browser and start recording when in the meeting to transcribe voice notes online. After the meeting, there will be a recording of the audio with the transcript, and a summary.

Additionally, to the note taker, it then provides what it believes are key moments from the meetings, which can be turned into action items that can be sent to team members via Slack.

Conclusion Convert Voice Meeting To Text - Blog Tile

We have explained why you should transcribe your meeting notes. Converting speech into text has multiple benefits for any organization, from providing a log, to making clear and easy reports and summaries, and to achieving clarity with other team members and clients. There are a range of different voice note apps out there, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Transcribing and summarizing voice notes is easier than ever thanks to applications such as Notiv, which not only records and transcribes, but provides summaries that then allow you to create action items, all of which can be easily shared. Consider learning more about Notiv and how it can be useful for you, particularly when in meetings.

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