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Dubber Moments is now officially patented!

Dubber Moments is now officially patented!

We’re very proud to announce that Dubber Moments, our cutting-edge AI-powered conversation intelligence solution, has officially received patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This marks a significant milestone in our journey of innovation.

Dubber Moments is the ultimate solution for unlocking the true value of business conversations. With its unique ability to analyse the context of entire conversations and connect key moments across interactions, Dubber Moments delivers immediate business intelligence in ways never experienced before.

This patent approval further solidifies our position as leaders in the conversation intelligence space. We’re proud to lead the way and excited to continue delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates as we celebrate this achievement and explore new opportunities to leverage our patented technology for even greater impact.

Dubber & Webex Contact Centre

Dubber & Webex Contact Centre

Introduction: The Convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS

In the ever-evolving world of customer service, Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) has become a game-changer, expected to grow by 19.1% annually from 2023 to 2030. This growth is largely driven by the surge in remote workforces, emphasising the need for flexible solutions. CCaaS provides the infrastructure and tools for quality customer service, regardless of location.

In parallel, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has made its mark in contemporary business operations, seamlessly integrating various communication tools (such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and VoIP) into a unified, cloud-based platform. The convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS is reshaping the landscape, streamlining operations and enhancing customer outcomes.

Despite this evolution, some platforms, while offering built-in solutions for recording content, may lack the advanced data and control capabilities vital for regulated environments. Operating on isolated data sets, these platforms risk providing an incomplete understanding of the comprehensive customer context, especially in scenarios requiring strict compliance adherence.

Solution? Dubber’s Innovative Integration with Webex Contact Centre

Dubber introduces an innovative integration tailored for Webex Contact Centre, taking its ongoing support for Webex to new heights and bringing a variety of benefits for businesses. Let’s dive in:

Benefits of Dubber on Webex Contact Centre

  • Dubber on Webex Contact Centre offers businesses a secure and compliant call recording solution, leveraging conversation intelligence for powerful insights derived from every conversation. 
  • Dubber on Webex Contact Centre empowers businesses to utilise the entire Webex suite across front-line, knowledge workers, and contact centres. All activities are conveniently captured through one unified Dubber solution, offering a streamlined, single pane of glass for managing call-captured content. It’s worth noting that this is complemented by Dubber being a standard feature in all Webex Calling services, with our licensing seamlessly integrated into the entire Webex suite.
  • Dubber equips your business with robust monitoring and reporting tools, offering a clear view of call quality, compliance, and customer service.
  • The integration with Webex Control Hub portal and Single Sign-On feature adds a layer of convenience, minimising administrative hassles and ensuring a seamless user experience for your team.
  • The integration also brings Dubber Moments, our award-winning, AI-powered conversation intelligence solution, (including our themes: Voice of Customer, Employee Safety & Wellbeing, Sales Performance and Security & Compliance) as a readily available feature for Webex CC.

Seamless Onboarding: Your Fast Track to Success

Getting started with Dubber for Webex Contact Centre is a breeze. Whether you opt for Dubber Unified Capture or Dubber Insights package through CCW, our streamlined onboarding process ensures you hit the ground running, unlocking the full potential of your customer service.


Dubber stands out as the top choice for businesses requiring comprehensive solutions for their contact centres, with its advanced features and capabilities positioning Dubber as a leading provider for diverse requirements beyond call recording.

Ready to explore how Dubber can transform your contact centre? Let’s chat today and uncover the possibilities!

First ‘Moment’ for Webex and Promo Launched at Cisco Live

First ‘Moment’ for Webex and Promo Launched at Cisco Live

Dubber, the global leader in network based conversation intelligence and capture, launched last week Dubber “Moments”, a revolutionary AI product designed to redefine what individuals and organisations expect from their communications.

Dubber is the capture capability provided as a standard feature in Cisco Webex Calling and UCMC via the ‘Dubber Go’ feature and the company sees Cisco Live in Las Vegas, as the perfect opportunity to announce the release of the first Dubber Moment – Complaints, supporting Webex and the Cisco collaboration product suite. ‘Moments’ has the potential to revolutionise the user experience and drive tangible accretive benefits for customers and the Cisco sales channel.

Leap forward in AI

Going beyond the words and identifying the context within the conversation, Dubber has advanced AI to deliver actionable insights immediately when activated.

Dubber Moments is a growing family of out of the box capabilities, with the first being the ‘Complaints Moment’, which focuses on improving interactions between a business and its customers. This moment automatically detects a complaint and other relevant intelligence with the call or video so that a user can understand a single complaint, but also correlate across an entire organisation for a much deeper business insight.

With the use case being applicable for all businesses, Dubber has built the functionality to accommodate a light user or somebody looking to drill deeper into the data. As the insights are delivered out of the box, none or minimal training is required to understand the results.

Furthermore, various enhancements have been made to the Dubber AI functionality. Users are no longer required to manually scroll through transcriptions to comprehend the context of a conversation. Instead, we now offer a succinct summary for each conversation. Additionally, conversations are presented in the form of chapters, where the key topics discussed in each chapter are highlighted, enabling users to quickly locate the desired content. Moreover, the sentiment analysis has been improved, facilitating a better understanding of the changes in sentiment throughout the entire conversation.

Available via CCW

This is a first release of its kind that can provide immediate access to insights from the moment it is switched on for any Webex or Cisco collaboration suite solution.

Sellers of these services within the Cisco community can now include a value added solution without adding any deal complexity or risk, with a clear customer benefit that can only help expand an addressable market, drive new deals and expand their value.

Adding Dubber Moments is a seamless and easy upgrade from Dubber Go recording which is embedded in every Webex Calling and UCMC subscription.

The new feature will be available via CCW within the ‘Dubber Premier’ package from today and the soon to be released ‘Dubber Insights’.


Dubber believes that this new functionality can benefit any business. To increase adoption, a range of promotional campaigns are launching today for 3 months to Cisco sellers and partners to help drive uptake and adoption.

If you’re attending Cisco Live, we recommend that you visit the Dubber team to understand how you can provide this new functionality to your customers. Also, please email us at if required.

About Dubber:

Dubber, the global leader in network based conversation intelligence, offers cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance communications for end users and benefit our Communication Service Provider (CSP) partners. Listed on the ASX, the company’s innovative cloud platform connects to over 170+ CSPs, capturing crucial information from voice, video, chat, and SMS data, also known as “Moments.” By harnessing advanced capture and AI technologies, Dubber transforms these moments into valuable business insights, enabling CSPs to differentiate, innovate, and monetise their networks.

For more information, contact:

Dubber Investors and APAC Media
Terry Alberstein
+61 (0) 458 484 921

Dubber Americas and EMEA Media
Jake Galland – Account Manager, TFD,

Podcast | In vs. On – How to turn every conversation into an infinite source of revenue

Podcast | In vs. On – How to turn every conversation into an infinite source of revenue

“Once you understand what isn’t working… the answer really becomes more clear,” says Michael Abenhaim, SVP of Americas Sales at Dubber.

Abenhaim describes a seismic challenge facing the service provider community and discusses a path forward. Native services and applications offered at a higher margin and lower cost, underpinned with 100% customer ownership will, according to Abenhaim, deliver the differentiation SPs and customers are looking for, but without deep partnering this solution is still difficult to realize. “By making conversational intelligence native on their network, service providers set the building blocks in place to deliver unique and valuable intelligence back to their customers in ways others are not or cannot,” Abenhaim adds.

In this podcast, Abenhaim opens the idea of conversational data as a place for providers to tap into, offering their customers an invaluable intelligence resource, and unlocking an underpenetrated revenue stream.

Dubber enables SPs to create infinite value by using technology to generate visibility within networks. Unlocking the value of the network starts IN the network.


Listen to the full podcast

Podcast | Empowering Enterprises – Revealing and Alerting using Voice Intelligence

Podcast | Empowering Enterprises – Revealing and Alerting using Voice Intelligence

“We’re in a really significant wave of change,” says Andy Lark, CMO of Dubber. As ever, according to Lark, the economics of change quietly move the more visible technology of change. The need for companies to grow revenue and to improve revenue, are causing them to look for, and in some cases, to allow for, technology advancements that can enable them to achieve their goals.

In this podcast, Lark stresses the accessibility of those improvements and the centralist of the SP. Cloud communications, cloud computing, AI and ML, are delivering technologies that were once available only to the world’s largest technology companies to now be available to the local veterinarian.

“What if there was no gap,” speculates Lark about the way that sales teams often ignore sales tools such as CRMs. Events, ideas, and comments are literally lost, and a valuable, well-intentioned sales process is undermined.

Now, according to Lark, there’s the possibility of recording and capturing events, ideas, and comments in a way that really works with the personas of the people involved. SPs looking to monetize opportunities, need to take a close look at these possibilities for their customers. Lark tells us that productivity improvements can be sold but it must be tangible. Being able to give back a customer the lost time he now dedicates to making meeting notes is an example of this sort of offering real world gains.


Listen to the full podcast


Why dual-stream recording in MS Teams is critical to meeting compliance mandates

Why dual-stream recording in MS Teams is critical to meeting compliance mandates

Who said what? Dual-stream recording on MS Teams is a way to end not knowing – critical for hitting compliance mandates within organisations. When dual-stream recording is switched on, call recording quality goes up.

Benefit: More accurate transcriptions, leading to better conversational intelligence insights

Benefit: Discrete record of who said what, even when both parties are talking at once

When a conversation happens on Microsoft Teams – whether it is a Teams-native platform conversation, or an Operator Connect call via Microsoft Teams Calling with PSTN integration – dual-stream recording can be your default option with Dubber.

How dual-stream recording for Microsoft Teams works on Dubber

Dubber’s dual-stream recording on Microsoft Teams records two audio separate streams – one for the host, one for the participant – in stereo recording. 

On calls with more than two participants, the host speaker is recorded on one channel, with the other participants on the second channel.

In Dubber transcripts, the recording is then broken down to show the host as Speaker One (Left) and the participant as Speaker Two (Right). This also aids in transcription accuracy. When replaying recordings in their audio form, the host or speaker one will be reflected in the left headset channel and the participant or speaker two will be reflected in the right headset channel.

Why dual-stream recording is critical for compliance

In compliance activities, it is imperative that internal speakers’ words are captured succinctly, and always extracted as that person. Speaker identification through AI, such as in our Notes by Dubber application, is a handy tool, however for absolute knowledge of who said what, without the chance of misidentification, a dual-stream capture provides immutable proof. This also eliminates cross-talk, which can confound understanding and recall.


Example case: ASIC’s Best Interests Duty RG 273 obligations

Under ASIC’s Best Interests Duty RG 273 obligations, mortgage brokers must be acting in the best interests of the customer at all times. With Dubber, dual-stream recording can ensure the broker’s conversations are recorded and transcribed with full attribution and separation, plus stored and recalled for as long as is necessary.


Example case: FINRA Rule 3110. Supervision

Under FINRA Rule 3110, a system must be set up to supervise associated persons for compliance with applicable securities laws and regulations. This includes “review of securities transactions that are reasonably designed to identify trades that may violate the provisions of the Exchange Act, the rules thereunder, or FINRA rules prohibiting insider trading and manipulative and deceptive device.” By using Dubber’s dual-stream recording, this makes it easy to instantly review and recall conversations, even based on keywords or particular people.


Try dual-stream recording on Microsoft Teams to meet compliance mandates

Dual-stream recording is available now on MS Teams. Head to Microsoft’s AppSouce to get Dubber Unified Call Recording for Microsoft Teams or download our guide: How to ensure compliance on Microsoft Teams.

Pandemic’s Lasting Impact on Communications Industry: Nearly a Third of Enterprises Will Consider Changing Service Providers in 2022

Pandemic’s Lasting Impact on Communications Industry: Nearly a Third of Enterprises Will Consider Changing Service Providers in 2022

Barcelona, Spain (Mobile World Congress) and Melbourne, Australia – 2 March 2022 — Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber) today launched the results of a commissioned research study by Cavell Group, identifying the top trends service providers globally will be focusing on in 2022.

Throughout all the trends identified in the Cavell report, the lasting impact of the global pandemic on service providers and their business operations are clear.  During the first wave of the pandemic, enterprises and carriers sought to rapidly deploy solutions to support remote access and business continuity.  Now, these efforts are being superseded by a second imperative as enterprises seek to improve “band-aid” responses and address a more permanent state of hybrid working.  In almost all areas of their business, service providers will continue to adapt to the dramatic changes in the workforce behaviour patterns that emerged in the global pandemic and will continue into 2022.

Major Trends Identified in the Report Include:

  • The rapid rise of unified communications and a proliferation of communications channels have shifted the strategic planning of every service provider, increasing the pressure to create new sources of revenue and buttress margins, and to drive differentiation and retention
  • Communication and collaboration solutions will continue to try and recreate in-person experiences. Distributed video, Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Centre as a Service, and CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) services will continue to be in high demand.
  • Competition with hyper-scalers and OTT providers will intensify in 2022
  • Compliance, security, governance, ransomware and risk mitigation solutions will drive a new wave of demand from enterprises as they look for ways to “tighten up” across all major infrastructure, including communications.  Agile service providers and managed service providers will look to meet these requirements with new and differentiated service offerings
  • Extracting additional value from service provider data, voice data, and other analytics services will provide service providers opportunities to differentiate their service offerings

Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber: “As service providers move into 2022 and transition beyond the severe impacts of Covid-19, a set of new trends are poised to reshape the service provider landscape again. Dubber believes that 2022 will be a pivotal year for the global service provider industry as carriers seek to grow and adapt to the changes brought on by the mass distribution of workforces of the last two years.  While the roll out of 5G services will continue to grab headlines in many countries, even bigger threats and opportunities exist that will remake what we view the traditional role of a service provider to be.  We are very optimistic that strong growth opportunities will be available for Dubber and our service provider partners as we drive voice data and new value-added services that will improve business outcomes for our joint customers in the year ahead.”

Matthew Townend, Executive Director, Cavell Group: “The first wave of the global pandemic rapidly accelerated unified communications and mobile, changing the service provider landscape materially. The second wave will not be the same, with enterprises looking to bolster solutions deployed in the first with greater security and compliance; adapt to hybrid working as a permanent way of working; and secure greater intelligence and compliance from content. AI and automation based on conversational data are new frontiers for service providers and represent a significant opportunity to improve revenue, differentiation and retention.”



About Dubber:

Dubber is unlocking the potential of voice data from any call or conversation. Dubber is the world’s most scalable Unified Call Recording service and Voice Intelligence Cloud adopted as core network infrastructure by multiple global leading telecommunications carriers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Dubber allows service providers to offer conversational recording from virtually any source – turning them into AI-enriched insights for compliance, revenue, customer and people intelligence. Dubber is a disruptive innovator in the multi-billion-dollar call recording industry. Its Software as a Service offering removes the need for on-premise hardware, applications or costly and limited storage.

About Cavell Group:

Cavell Group is an EMEA-focused research, consulting, engineering and education services business with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, and remote associates worldwide. Known as a leading provider of insight into the cloud communications and managed services markets, a key source of market intelligence for service providers, vendors and potential investors, Cavell Group was formed nearly 20 years ago, by a team of senior executives, who had been instrumental in building the early internet market both at UUNET and Level 3. Since 2003, the firm has delivered consulting services, research, due diligence and professional services solutions in over 50 countries worldwide. Cavell has built a strong reputation as leading analysts of the cloud communications market, providing strategic consulting and research in EMEA and the USA to service providers, vendors, manufacturers and private equity firms.


European/Mobile World Congress Media
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A/NZ Investors
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A/NZ Media
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Introducing Dubber PCI Comply for Amazon Connect

Introducing Dubber PCI Comply for Amazon Connect

Many credit card processing solutions create serious PCI compliance risks for both consumers and businesses, leaving the door open for fraud, theft, and data leaks. However, with Dubber leading the industry in compliance and enterprise-grade security, a new solution is at hand for any communications on Amazon Connect, including contact centre, voice, IVR, and chat.


“Dubber PCI Comply offers any business seeking to process credit card information a cost-effective and easy to deploy cloud-native solution to achieve efficient PCI DSS compliance for any communication modality on Amazon Connect, including contact centre, voice, IVR, and chat.”


With our fully compliant technology, enterprises can feel secure that customers are not at risk of facing card fraud in payments — as a result, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new product, Dubber PCI Comply for Amazon Connect! 

As the first PCI DSS solution for Amazon Connect, Dubber PCI Comply will change the way businesses take payments forever — providing complete security and peace of mind for both the enterprise as well as their customers. Dubber PCI Comply enables certified security and PCI-DSS compliant payments via voice calls, chat, and cloud-based communications platforms. Contact centres with Dubber PCI Comply on Amazon Connect can offer safer options that prevent customers’ credit card data from entering the enterprise environment, instead handling the data capture and processing via a trusted, secure third-party provider.

About Dubber PCI Comply – What does this mean for enterprises?

Dubber PCI Comply empowers businesses to facilitate simple, user-friendly and secure phone payments, ensuring that regulatory demands are satisfied and critical sensitive customer data is protected.

Businesses meet regulatory requirements and obligations around PCI DSS: 

Enjoy the benefits of knowing customers’ and internally sensitive business information is protected by Dubber PCI Comply. Seamlessly integrated into Amazon Connect, the solution adheres to PCI DSS compliance standards and prevents any sensitive card data from entering the enterprise environment.


“PCI DSS compliance isn’t satisfied because of the deployment of Amazon Connect alone. It is the instant Dubber PCI Comply is deployed. The moment you start processing credit card transactions, you need PCI Comply. Dubber PCI Comply eliminates the need for, or the possibility that, agents see or enter credit card data. We believe our innovative approach such as via Amazon Connect is the best and most secure way of ensuring PCI compliance.” – James Slaney, COO, Dubber


Dubber PCI Comply to provide security amid customers payment information 

Dubber PCI Comply is a secure phone payment platform that’s PCI DSS compliant, VISA Europe approved, PCI DSS V3.2, ISO27001 and BS10008 certified, with the credentials to prove data is safe and secure.

Dubber PCI Comply is secure, simple and effective. 

Dubber sets the benchmark for secure payments— with integrations and deployments that are instantaneous and effortless, cloud-based data stored securely, and the flexibility of agnostic PSP or telephony. Confidently meet the demands of overarching regulatory systems to protect customers and businesses. Try out Dubber PCI Comply on Amazon Connect.


Dubber named on FinTech Global’s fifth annual RegTech 100 list

Dubber named on FinTech Global’s fifth annual RegTech 100 list

The new RegTech100 list for 2022 is launched today. Now in its fifth edition, the list recognises the world’s most innovative technology solution providers that offer products and services in the areas of compliance, risk management, information security and financial crime.

The RegTech (regulatory technology) industry has experienced rapid growth over the last two years as financial institutions dealt with rising tide of regulatory changes and rules updates brought by remote working and increased use of digital channels post Covid-19. As a result, RegTech spending by banks and other highly regulated institutions is projected to exceed $130bn by 2025.

It’s not surprising this year’s process to identify the 100 RegTech innovation leaders was more competitive than ever. A panel of analysts and industry experts voted from a longlist of nearly 1,200 companies produced by RegTech Analyst, a specialist research firm. Sixty new companies entered the RegTech100 for 2022 and the finalists were recognized for their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, or to generate efficiency improvements across the compliance function.

RegTech Analyst director of research Mariyan Dimitrov said, “Banks and other financial institutions are investing heavily into AI capabilities to automate highly manual regulatory tasks, support digital onboarding processes and monitor for fraudulent activity. The RegTech100 list helps them filter through all the vendors in the market by highlighting the leading companies in sectors such as identity verification, risk management, communications monitoring, information security and financial crime prevention.”

Dubber VP of Sales, Simon Broadbent said, “Dubber’s inclusion on the RegTech100 list is a great display of the confidence the market has in us as a leading provider of unified conversational recording and voice AI to the world’s leading banks and financial institutions.”

A full list of the RegTech100 for 2022 and detailed information about each company is available to download for free at

Dubber wins The RegTech Association “2021 RegTech of the Year” Award

Dubber wins The RegTech Association “2021 RegTech of the Year” Award

Melbourne, Australia – 2 December 2021 — Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) today announced that the RegTech Association has awarded Dubber the 2021 RegTech of the Year (Australian-founded).

James Slaney, COO, Dubber: “Unified conversational recording and intelligence unlock a significant opportunity for Service Providers to meet the compliance and surveillance needs of businesses globally. With a record number of applications and supported by a cross-industry judging panel, this award acknowledges the work of our teams and customers.

Recognition such as this furthers our ability to attract new service providers onto the world’s leading conversational recording platform. The days of legacy call recording are over. Hardware, services, siloed data and ever-increasing storage costs are being replaced with compliance solutions delivered as a service, by Service Providers.

Where legacy call recording solutions were tied to a specific application or service, we can near-instantaneously create compliance certainty with our Service Provider partners across all the services they provide – Cisco Webex Calling, Microsoft Teams, traditional unified communication and mobile services through a single pane.

This provides a win for all parties.  Service providers create compelling differentiation and revenue and their customers eliminate the cost, complexity and lack of visibility legacy solutions create. Businesses can now enable their employees to work the way they want to work, and for customers to communicate the way they want to communicate, without compromising compliance or security.”

Until now, the need for hybrid working and rapid adoption of unified communications solutions has made it more challenging for businesses to meet regulatory and legal requirements – and for service providers to address those needs.

Dubber’s Unified Conversational Recording and Intelligence platform is a foundational service for Service Providers to deliver compliance and surveillance solutions. It enables conversations to be captured in real-time – voice, video and chat – and transformed into data on which AI surfaces insights, alerts and more. From a single platform, data from any number of communications services can be viewed and shared with big data sets and other applications. Businesses can demonstrate they know customers and employees and meet compliance mandates such as MiFID, FINRA, AML & KYCRG 271Anti-hawking and more.

Unified Call Recording and Intelligence is now at the centre of modernising compliance and surveillance in industries ranging from financial services to entertainment and travel. By unifying conversations and AI-enriching data, organizations can address critical needs for legal hold and discovery, data retention, auditing, internal dispute resolution, monitoring, alerting and reporting, and more.

About the RegTech Association

The RegTech Association is a global centre of excellence that brings together government, regulators, regulated entities, professional services and founder-led RegTech companies for best-practice collaboration.

About Dubber:

Dubber is unlocking the potential of voice data from any call or conversation. Dubber is the world’s most scalable Unified Call Recording service and Voice Intelligence Cloud adopted as core network infrastructure by multiple global leading telecommunications carriers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Dubber allows service providers to offer conversational recording from virtually any source – turning them into AI-enriched insights for compliance, revenue, customer and people intelligence. Dubber is a disruptive innovator in the multi-billion-dollar call recording industry. Its Software as a Service offering removes the need for on-premise hardware, applications or costly and limited storage.

For more information, please contact:

Simon Hinsley
+61 (0) 401 809 653

Terry Alberstein
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What every Cisco Partner Needed

What every Cisco Partner Needed

An instantly provisioned upgrade that gives you immediate differentiation? The ability to answer Cisco Webex and UCM Cloud compliance and security needs? A path to more revenue through easy and wanted upgrades?

Cisco and Dubber have you covered with today’s announcement that Dubber is powering call recording on Cisco Webex Calling and UCM Cloud. Your customers can compliantly record, store, share and replay any conversation. This critical new functionality turns on with a click at zero cost and is included in your Cisco subscription.

It’s on with a click

So here’s all you need to do. Whether a new or existing customer, simply turn on call recording in Cisco Control Hub. Your customer will need to accept the Dubber terms and conditions when doing so. That’s it.

From there, our customer success team will be available to assist with onboarding, training and more as you need it.

We’ve partnered with Cisco to reach out to all customers to ensure they are aware of how to compliantly record on Cisco and how to turn it on.

What’s included

Dubber is the global leader in unified call recording and voice AI solutions for compliance, revenue, customer and people intelligence. Basic call recording within Cisco will get you started on the path to ending not knowing, offering:

  • Unlimited recordings of calls
  • Cloud capture and storage
  • Basic Enterprise controls and policy enforcement
  • Easy access, replay, download and share from the Dubber app and web
  • 30-day storage

Simple & easy path to more

If your customers require additional features such as extended team management, storage, transcription, video recording, sentiment analysis or AI-enriched insights (and much more), it’s simple to upgrade to Dubber solutions from within Cisco’s Control Hub with immediate access and effect.

Cisco partners will immediately benefit from any annual recurring revenue.

And there is more. Register to become a Dubber on Cisco partner today and get access to competitions, market development funds and much more.

Discover the benefits of unified call recording

Users that have compliance or regulatory requirements can easily ensure recording, replay and data storage on Cisco will meet their compliance obligations, regardless of the employee work location. A major concern and need for businesses as a result of the significant shift to remote and hybrid workforce arrangements.

“Expanding our relationship with Cisco marks a major milestone in increasing the ubiquity of Dubber as the Unified Call Recording and voice data layer for the world’s leading collaboration platforms,” said Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber. “Our strong relationship with Cisco has been a critical part of our growth as a company and we share a common vision of the way that voice data will become a critical resource for all businesses and users in the future.”

A better way to hit replay

Unlike other embedded recording solutions, Dubber addresses critical data, privacy and regulatory requirements while providing a simple and easy pathway to richer functionality as it is required. Dubber recordings and AI-enriched data can easily be unified in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud alongside conversations from other end-points such as landlines and mobile.

While other solutions offer the ability to record – something we call personal call recording – it’s the kind of recording ideal for an individual but not suitable for business or government. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. Secure cloud storage that can be managed centrally – avoiding privacy, data sovereignty and information leakage risks associated with recording to hardware
  2. Easily manage who can record and what can be recorded – implementing data and communications policies is made easy
  3. Controlled provisioning – via the Cisco Control Hub to ensure recordings are only available to eligible employees

Dubber also offers a range of Compliance-specific editions designed to meet the needs of highly regulated organisations and compliance teams.

“Business and Government require more than personal call recording,” said James Slaney, chief operating officer, Dubber. “They need conversations to be captured in a way that is compliant and converted to data for revenue intelligence, dispute resolution, proactive compliance and customer service. Today’s announcement is proof not only of the scalability of Dubber, but the potential we and Cisco see in tapping voice data to improve the performance of businesses and governments worldwide.”

How to start doing more with every conversation

Chat to Dubber on Cisco specialists ready to get your team or organization set up today – or your Cisco rep or partner. Dubber’s customer support team will be standing by to assist with any onboarding or training you or your team needs.

And if you need more than basic call recording for some or all of your users, our teams will assist in upgrading you to the world’s leading unified call recording solutions.